Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Year R

This week Year R have been very lucky to have a special visit from The South Central Ambulance Service. We got to see all the equipment they have to carry, checked our breathing using the stethoscope.  We got to go inside the ambulance and set off the sirens.  (They were very loud).  We even learnt how to put someone in the recovery position.

Seahorse Class have been on our first forest school adventure.

We had to walk in pairs to the forest and spotted lots of wildlife on our walk there. We saw butterflies, birds, a cat and 7 dogs!!

In the Forest Mrs Frear told us where our boundaries were and we put flags round the trees to help us spot them.

We then played 123 where are you? This was so much fun and we found lots of good places to hide.  The Mrs Frear read Stanley’s stick to us ... we then could find a stick no longer than our arm to take on an adventure, just like Stanley with his stick.

Today we have had a lovely day at Finkley Down Farm.


We got to feed the goats,  brush the ponies and stroke the bunny rabbits.  We also saw some baby lambs, goats and Meerkats.  We learnt a lot about the different animals including the owls and Willow the Hawk who was very noisy.


At the end of the day we all enjoyed the sheep racing before heading back to school.

In Year R we have been leaning all about People who help us. 


We have been very lucky as we have had lots of special visitors to help us with our learning.


First we had two Police Officers from AWE who came to visit us to tell us a little about the job that they do and how they help to keep us safe.


We had lots of fun trying on the uniforms and going out to see the police car and hear the sirens.

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We then had a visit from four of the fire fighters (Sally, James, Luke and Martin)  from Tadley Fire Station and they brought their fire engine with them.


We learnt a lot about being a fire fighter and about all the different equipment they have to wear.  Sally told us that as she is in charge at Tadley Fire Station she wears a white helmet instead of yellow so she stands out. We remembered that we need to call 999 if we see a fire. We practised the stop, drop and roll technique.


We had lots of fun trining on their helmets and gloves and going out to see the fire engine where we got to hold the hose and sit inside, before they left we got to see the blue flashing lights and hear the sirens.

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We finished off learning about People who help us with a visit from Nurse Nathalie.


She talked to us about being healthy and we made sure our hearts were working properly. She told us how nurses help get people better and showed us how to put on a bandage and how to fix broken bones. We all felt the material that is used to make a cast when it was dry, then saw what happened when it was wet. Nathalie and Mrs Helyar put a cast on the arms of 2 children. Then we all had a turn at plaster casting. We chose to do either our fingers or wrist. It was great fun!


We found it funny that when you put it on it was soft and wet but as it dried it went hard. Nathalie told us if you had really broken a bone you would not be able to have a bath, shower or go swimming for 6 weeks because if the plaster got wet it would go soft again and would not mend the broken bone.

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