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Tadley Community Primary School

Year R

                                     Welcome to Year R!

Here you will find out what we do in Year R throughout the year, any key dates and information.


There is one class in Year R, Miss Wood ~ Starfish Class 


We hope you enjoy looking at your children's work and all the fun activities they participate in!


Please find the homework in the home learning section or use this weblink: If you have any questions, please see your child's class teacher.

Some previous activities and adventures...

Visit from Paramedics

We were extremely lucky to have a visit from Sarah and Amy, our local paramedics. Throughout the whole afternoon the children were brilliantly behaved, fascinated at what we were learning and doing!
We started off by learning about what paramedics wear and the equipment they carry around. We tried on gloves (Amy blew one up, it was very funny!), we tried out a pulse oximeter and saw how blood pressure monitors work.
Year R then learnt about ‘The Recovery Position’. We practised putting each other in it and learnt that it was a safe way to leave somebody if they weren’t waking up.
Sarah then showed us how to use a range of bandages including a trianglular shaped one which can be used to make a sling. Again, we practised using all of these bandages on each other.
After this, we went outside to find an ambulance car! We had a look inside and even sat in the drivers seat! We learnt about some equipment we could find in an ambulance. We learnt how to set up and use an elevating cushion which helps lift people who can’t be lifted by a paramedic.  We were then shown ‘Annie’ which we can be used to help us learn about CPR. We were shown how to give chest compressions and use an oxygen mask. The children listened carefully and all had a go at giving chest compressions and oxygen to Annie. Year R absolutely loved our visit from Sarah and Amy. We want them to come again soon!

Tadley Firefighters

We were lucky enough to have a wonderful visit from our local fire fighters this morning. Firefighter Sally and Luke travelled to us in their fire engine which we were amazed to look around and sit inside!
Luke showed us where fire engines hold important tools that might be needed to help people, all 5 hoses and their uses along with first aid kits, gas masks and much more! We even got to sit in the fire engine and look closely at all the equipment needed to help in a range of situations. Luke put on his gas mask and spoke to us, he sounded very funny! We tried to hold the ‘big red key’ that is used to open doors. Luckily Luke was holding it too because it was so heavy!
Sally showed us the range of uniform worn when being a firefighter. She was wearing her causal uniform to visit us but brought along uniform that she would wear out on a call for a fire and a coat she would have to wear if helping in a road accident. She told us about the different coloured hats. She wears a white hat to show that she manages the rest of the firefighters. The rest of the firefighters wear yellow hats. We even got to try on some of these uniforms.
Year R asked lots of questions to both Luke and Sally and we learnt lots!

Nurse Jean's visit

We were lucky enough to have Nurse Jean came visit us to talk about her job. She explained she works in a hospital and helps to make people better. She explained about how important it is to wash your hands properly, especially before you eat and after you have been to the toilet. She spoke about other things that Nurses do in hospitals, like putting bandages on. We came up with some scenarios of how children had hurt themselves, Nurse Jean then put bandages on them, teaching us how to do it! 

Chinese New Year

This week we learnt about Chinese New Year. We talked about where China is and different ways Chinese people celebrate the New Year. We learnt how to say hello ‘nee how’ and happy new year: ‘Kung hei fat choy.’

We read the story about how the Chinese zodiac years were named. The animals had a race and the first 12 animals to finish had a year named after them. This year, 2020 is the year of the rat. We found out that the children were either born in the year of the horse or the year of the goat.

We talked about red being a lucky colour, there are usually red lanterns and red decorations hanging during Chinese New Year.

The classrooms and the Octopus Room had lots of activities to try: using chopsticks, writing symbols in the sand, making money envelopes and a creating a dragon. In the afternoon we watched some lion and dragon dances and listened to some Chinese music. We then made our dragons dance.

All of the children used their senses to look, smell and taste some Chinese food. We tried rice, noodles, seaweed and prawn crackers. The prawn crackers were very popular!


Yesterday we had a special delivery to Tadley School. Mumble the penguin was very lost and ended up at the school office! We decided to help him find his way back to Antarctica. We made passports and plane tickets and knew that the next day we would be catching a plane all the way to Antarctica!
Today we were led by the very helpful plane assistants to our plane. We showed them our passports and tickets and they showed us to our seats. Whilst on the plane we felt some turbulence so needed to make sure our seatbelts were done up tightly! We had a snack and drink whilst on board and carefully got off making sure we had our coats on.
We needed to be careful when we had arrived because it was very icy and windy! Miss Wood’s classroom had been transformed into Antarctica! We made snow angles, threw snow balls and said hello to all the penguins!
We found Mumble’s family and left him behind to be with his penguin colony.
Once we got on back on the plane we warmed up and spoke about how much fun we had!

Our Autumn Welly Walk!

Today we walked around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. We used our senses to explore by looking at the different colours of leaves, touching the leaves and mud and listening to the sound the leaves made as we walked through them. We also smelt the damp air and the grass as we walked.
After our walk, we looked at a variety of autumn objects. We touched, smelt and looked at all of them, sharing our findings.


This week we used our senses to examine a selection of natural objects. The objects were passed around the circle and the children had to wait for turns. The children examined the objects without talking and then were given an opportunity to talk about what they had noticed using the senses of hearing, sight, touch and smell. They were also given the chance to say how they had managed the waiting and examining. We uses words to describe the objects such as soft, shiny, rough, bumpy, delicate and strong. 

Maths with Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This week we used the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as our focus. We used comparative language to discuss weight, size and capacity.
The bears’ porridge got muddled up, the postman lost the labels for their parcels and Goldilocks moved all of their chairs around so the children needed to help the bears and match their items back to them. We introduced and used vocabulary such as heavy, light, full, empty, half full, small, tall and big. The children were asked to explain their choices and reason why they had matched particular items with each bear.


During our session we talked about the fact that we know about things that are good for our bodies but do we know what is good for our minds. It was suggested that to keep our minds happy we need need times to be loud and fast but also time to be quiet and slow and sometimes silent and still. We practised all of these moving quickly to the loud tambourine and then listening to the quiet music and finally laying down and being silent. The children then took turns to pass around the teddy and say which part of the session they liked or didn’t like. All the children were able to verbalise their preferences. The noisy, quiet and silence were all mentioned as favourites. Then the children passed the teddy round and all said ‘I am special.’ We completed the session by laying down and focusing on our breathing.

Our first week in Year R!

The children have enjoyed their first week at school. They have met all the adults and learnt where things are. They have learnt some rules and routines of being in Year R.

They had lots of time to play with some of the toys in their classrooms, the Octopus room and outside and have made some new friends too!

Year R Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year R 2018-19

This week Year R have been very lucky to have a special visit from The South Central Ambulance Service. We got to see all the equipment they have to carry, checked our breathing using the stethoscope.  We got to go inside the ambulance and set off the sirens.  (They were very loud).  We even learnt how to put someone in the recovery position.

Seahorse Class have been on our first forest school adventure.

We had to walk in pairs to the forest and spotted lots of wildlife on our walk there. We saw butterflies, birds, a cat and 7 dogs!!

In the Forest Mrs Frear told us where our boundaries were and we put flags round the trees to help us spot them.

We then played 123 where are you? This was so much fun and we found lots of good places to hide.  The Mrs Frear read Stanley’s stick to us ... we then could find a stick no longer than our arm to take on an adventure, just like Stanley with his stick.

Today we have had a lovely day at Finkley Down Farm.


We got to feed the goats,  brush the ponies and stroke the bunny rabbits.  We also saw some baby lambs, goats and Meerkats.  We learnt a lot about the different animals including the owls and Willow the Hawk who was very noisy.


At the end of the day we all enjoyed the sheep racing before heading back to school.

In Year R we have been leaning all about People who help us. 


We have been very lucky as we have had lots of special visitors to help us with our learning.


First we had two Police Officers from AWE who came to visit us to tell us a little about the job that they do and how they help to keep us safe.


We had lots of fun trying on the uniforms and going out to see the police car and hear the sirens.

We then had a visit from four of the fire fighters (Sally, James, Luke and Martin)  from Tadley Fire Station and they brought their fire engine with them.


We learnt a lot about being a fire fighter and about all the different equipment they have to wear.  Sally told us that as she is in charge at Tadley Fire Station she wears a white helmet instead of yellow so she stands out. We remembered that we need to call 999 if we see a fire. We practised the stop, drop and roll technique.


We had lots of fun trining on their helmets and gloves and going out to see the fire engine where we got to hold the hose and sit inside, before they left we got to see the blue flashing lights and hear the sirens.

We finished off learning about People who help us with a visit from Nurse Nathalie.


She talked to us about being healthy and we made sure our hearts were working properly. She told us how nurses help get people better and showed us how to put on a bandage and how to fix broken bones. We all felt the material that is used to make a cast when it was dry, then saw what happened when it was wet. Nathalie and Mrs Helyar put a cast on the arms of 2 children. Then we all had a turn at plaster casting. We chose to do either our fingers or wrist. It was great fun!


We found it funny that when you put it on it was soft and wet but as it dried it went hard. Nathalie told us if you had really broken a bone you would not be able to have a bath, shower or go swimming for 6 weeks because if the plaster got wet it would go soft again and would not mend the broken bone.