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Tadley Community Primary School




Tadley Community Primary School Governing Body consists of 12 governors representing parents, staff, local government and the local community.


The 2002 Education Act explains their role: “The governing body shall conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school”. The main aim of the governing body is therefore to promote the welfare and development of the school so that a caring, stimulating and secure environment exists within which learning can be fostered. This is achieved by strategic planning; the day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the head teacher.

The governors must ensure that the school conducts its affairs in accordance with all relevant legal obligations. Much of the work of the governing body is therefore in the reviewing and endorsing of policies; you may download the policies currently in place at Tadley from the policies page - link below.

The statutory responsibilities for governing bodies include the curriculum, equality, special educational needs, learners’ care and well-being, leadership/ management and keeping parents/guardians informed. 

or at the Hampshire governors web pages.


The governing body is required to meet three times per year, but in practice meets six times. Minutes are available on request via the school office.


Governors work in partnership with parents and teachers for the ultimate benefit of the children attending Tadley, and suggestions are welcome from parents and staff on general matters. Particular concerns in relation to the school should first be raised with the head teacher. If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the Chair of Governors via the school office.

Governor Newsletters

Composition of the Governing Body


The Tadley Community Primary School governing body consists of:

  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 2 Staff Governors including the head teacher
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 7 Co-opted Governors

Governor Profiles


Mike Warner – Local Authority Governor, Chair of Governors

I was appointed as the Local Education Authority Governor in February 2014 and in July 2019 I became the Chair of Governors. My wife and I have lived in the area for most of our lives and attended local schools, as did our three children. I retired in 2013 as Shipping Manager for an international security printing company based in Basingstoke and am now able to give the time, energy and enthusiasm required to serve the school and local community as a governor. As a governor I will do my best to support all those involved in the life of the school in providing the best possible education for the children that pass through its doors. I enjoy playing badminton, spending time with our five grandchildren and supporting Reading Football Club. I am also a member of a local church and Tadley Singers.


Jan Draper – Co-opted Governor

I became a Governor in 2012 and was Chair of Governors from 2014 to 2019, my link to the school being through my grandchildren. I am retired now, but in the past have been a computer programmer, a secondary teacher of Maths and Computing (for part of the time at The Hurst), a senior manager at Newbury College and a travel agent. My links with primary schools came through the travel industry when I helped a number of local schools with travel-related projects. My garden and my dog keep me busy, but my real passions are for travelling and cooking. I’ve always been interested in all stages of education and becoming a Governor has reinforced my belief that primary years are the most important in setting the aspirations of children. I want the very best for all our children; I want them to aspire to keep on learning and achieve their very best; I want them to leave us ready for the next stage of their education. But most of all I want them to have enjoyed their time at Tadley Primary School.


Kerri Culver – Staff Governor

My name is Kerri Culver and I am currently one of the Year 3/4 teachers. I have also recently taken on my new role as SENCo. I have worked at Tadley for 3 years and have been given so many different opportunities, becoming the staff governor being just one. I decided to join the governing body at Tadley to develop my understanding of the inner workings of a school and to be able to give our governors a teacher’s insight to school life. I am enjoying my role as a staff governor and I am looking forward to learning more and being part of a team that will drive Tadley forward.


Maureen Graham – Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair of Governors

My professional background is in Human Resources (HR) and I run my own business specialising in HR, Workforce and Leadership Development. Prior to this I led the School Workforce Development team in West Berkshire and provided training, development and recruitment services to the eighty two schools in the district.  

My experience within the education sector has given me a valuable insight into some of the challenges schools are facing today. I am passionate about education and improving life chances for all children whatever their needs, abilities or background.  I enjoy working with the staff and governors at Tadley School who are all dedicated to making the school a great place to enjoy learning.  

Outside work I enjoy travel and spending time with my family, especially my young grandchildren.


Richard Mackworth-Praed – Co-opted Governor

I joined Tadley Primary School as a co-opted Governor at the beginning of 2017, having come across an advert looking for a governor with Finance experience.   I have worked in finance and technology at Barclays for over 20 years, and prior to that qualified as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse.  My wife and several other relatives on both sides of our family are all teachers, so education is a subject I have always been interested in, and I have seen at first hand the dedication and passion displayed by teachers in helping children to achieve their potential.    Since joining I have greatly enjoyed participating in an organisation that is very different from my workplace, and gives me the opportunity to contribute to the local community.  I have lived in Silchester for over 15 years with my wife and three daughters, and enjoy cycling and the occasional round of golf.


Melissa Stroud – Co-opted Governor

I became a governor in 2016.  I have 2 children, both of whom attended Tadley Primary School from year R.  My youngest child just completed year 6 in July 2019 and is now in secondary education.  Since being involved with Tadley Primary School, I have served on the PTA; for 12 years as a committee member, Vice Chair and several years as Chair.  I really enjoy fundraising and working with a great bunch of people.  During my time working with the PTA, we have raised and spent thousands of pounds on the school.  I enjoy liaising with the children and attending assemblies on a regular basis.  I work for the Palliative Care Team at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and have over 26 years’ experience working in the local NHS.  I currently manage the Bereavement Service across 3 sites.  I also enjoy being a local Brownie Leader for 2nd Silchester Brownies where I am in my 5th year of volunteering.  I am a great supporter and advocate for Tadley Primary School and am really proud to be able to serve as governor.


Louise Bleathman – Parent Governor

I became a Parent Governor in March 2018, I have two children (Y1/Y5 currently) at Tadley Primary.   I have spent over 20 years working within the High Tech Industry and believe I bring skills that can be used within the Governing body to aid the school overall.   

I wanted to become a Governor to have a positive impact on the direction of the school, being a spokesperson for parents and ensuring the school continues to be a safe and happy place for children to attend and flourish.


Jo Messenger – Co-opted Governor

I have been living in the local community for the last 13 years and became involved with Tadley Community Primary School when my eldest daughter began there in September 2009. In 2013, I became a member of staff at Tadley and have really enjoyed being part of the friendly and warm environment at the school.  Prior to teaching at Tadley Primary, I have been Head of Department in Music at Theale Green as well as at Padworth College. I continue to enjoy the rewards that supporting children brings, as a teacher and Governor.

Representation Full Name Date of Appointment   Term of Office End date Date Stepped Down Appointing Body  Committee Membership
Co-Opted Jan Draper 30.06.2019 4 yrs 29.06.2023   Governors Chair of Governors
Resources Committee
Standards & Improvement Committee
Maureen Graham 30.06.2019 4 yrs 29.06.2023   Governors Vice Chair of Governors
Resources Committee
Richard Mackworth-Praed 07.02.2017 4 yrs 06.02.2021   Governors Resources Committee
Jo Messenger 29.03.2017 4 yrs 28.03.2021   Governors Resources Committee
Melissa Stroud 06.02.2018 4 years 05.02.2022   Governors Resources Committee
Naomi Warren 29.11.2016 4 yrs 28.11.2020 08.09.2019 Governors Standards & Improvement Committee
Jackie Wood 02.02.2016 4 yrs 01.02.2020 11.12.2019 Governors Resources Committee
Head Teacher Sarah Peters Ongoing 4 yrs 23.04.2021   Ex Officio Resources Committee
Standards & Improvement Committee
Local Authority Mike Warner 25.02.2018 4 yrs 24.02.2022   Local Authority Resources Committee
Parent Louise Bleathman 28.03.2018 4 yrs 27.03.2022   Parents Standards & Improvement Committee
Sarah White 28.03.2018 4 yrs 27.03.2022 27.06.2019 Parents Standards & Improvement Committee
Staff Kerri Culver 27.02.2017 4 yrs 26.02.2021   Staff Standards & Improvement Committee


Tadley School Governing Body Pecuniary Interest Register


Name Name of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date
Link to Other Educational Establishments
Louise Bleathman
Nil Nil Nil Nil   None
Kerri Culver Tadley School Staff Ongoing
Ongoing 08.10.2019 None
Jan Draper Tadley School Family member is a governor on the same governing body Ongoing Ongoing 08.10.2019 None
Maureen Graham
Inspiration HR Ltd HR Services – Director Ongoing Ongoing 08.10.2019 None
Richard Mackworth-Praed Nil Nil Nil Nil 08.10.2019 None
Jo Messenger
Tadley School Staff & Parent Ongoing
Ongoing 08.10.2019 None
Sarah Peters Tadley School
Tri Computers
Head Teacher
A friend’s son is an employee
08.10.2019 None
Melissa Stroud Tadley School Family member is a governor on the same governing body Ongoing Ongoing 08.10.2019 None
Mike Warner Nil Nil Nil Nil 08.10.2019 None
Tadley School Governing Body Meeting Attendance
Governor Name Full Governing Body Meetings Resources Committee Meetings S&I Committee Meetings
09-Oct-18 27-Nov-18 05-Feb-19 26-Mar-19 14-May-19 09-Jul-19 24-Sep-18 19-Nov-18 14-Jan-19 11-Mar-19 29-Apr-19 17-Jun-19 19-Sep-18 14-Nov-18 23-Jan-19 20-Mar-19 26-Jun-19
Louise Bleathman ü A ü ü ü ü             ü ü ü ü ü
Kerri Culver ü ü ü ü ü ü             ü ü ü ü ü
Jan Draper ü ü ü ü A ü ü ü A ü ü ü ü A ü ü A
Maureen Graham ü ü ü ü A ü ü A ü ü A ü          



ü ü ü ü A A ü ü ü ü ü ü          
Jo Messenger ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü A          
Sarah Peters ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü
Melissa Stroud ü A ü ü ü ü ü ü ü A ü ü          
Mike Warner ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü          
Naomi Warren A ü A A A A             ü ü A A A
Sarah White ü ü A A ü               A ü A ü ü
Jackie Wood ü ü A ü ü ü ü A ü ü A A         ü


Committees of the Governing Body

Governors volunteer to serve on various committees, panels and working parties that meet as required and advise the full governing body of recommended actions on specific issues. The main committees at Tadley School are:


Resources Committee

  • Monitors the condition of the building and grounds of the school
  • Monitors the progress of work in hand
  • Advises on aspects of safety within and around the school
  • Strategic Responsibility for the review of school staffing and employment policies in line with Hampshire Guidance
  • Work with the Head to approve and monitor the school budgets and financial matters. This includes regular reviews of the financial position of the school
  • Advise the Full Governing Body on matters of personnel and finance
  • Review the various policies relating to the finance, personnel and management of the school.


Standards and Improvement Committee

  • Reviews the curriculum delivery at the school
  • Monitors pupil progress and standards
  • Reviews school improvement work
  • Review the various policies relating to curriculum, standards and improvement


Pay and Performance Committee

  • Reviews performance management arrangements and pay decisions