Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Emergency School Closures

When we experience extreme weather, a decision on whether the school will be able to open cannot usually be made until the site and staffing levels have been assessed and a risk assessment has been carried out. Parents can check whether the school is open in several ways:


  • Login to your email account to check for messages from school
  • Listen to local radio or check their website
  • Telephone the school after 8.10am – an answer phone message will be left with details if staff have been able to get to school
  • Check the Hampshire County Council website


We will aim to keep the school open whenever it is safe and practical to do so. If weather conditions or severe weather warnings suggest that opening the school could lead to pupils, parents and staff being stranded or placed at unreasonable risk it may be necessary to make a decision to close the school.