Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Year 2

Spring Term
Year 2 Homework Planner - Week 4

Week 3 - Friday 24th January 2020

Homework Planner

Week 3 - Year 2 Maths Homework
Week 2 - Friday 17th January 2020
Week 2 - English Homework sheet
Week 1 - Friday 10th January 2020
Autumn Term

Week 14 - 13th December 2019

This week we would like the children to complete the addition and subtraction calculation  sheets and colour in the correct answer.

Year 2 – addition and subtraction to 20.

Week 13 - Friday 6th December
Week 12 Friday 29th November

Week 11 - Friday 22nd November 



Creative homework to make Christmas decorations. We would like each child to make a Christmas tree decoration, this can be as creative or traditional as you like.

We are going to be starting a new English unit based around Christmas decorations, the children will then use their decorations to aid their writing.

Week 10 - Friday 15th November

English Homework 

Week 9 - 8th November

Maths Homework

Please add the three numbers on the document attached together. Feel free to use concrete resources to help you. e.g cars, teddies etc.

Week 7 - 18th October 2019



We have sent a list of the key words home with your child. Please practise about 10 of the words your child does not know. Use a method that works for your child e.g. rainbow writing, pyramid writing, make them out of play dough or look, say, cover, write, check.

Week 5 - 3rd October

Topic Homework

For your homework for the next two weeks we would like you to make a model of a dragon.  This can be made out of anything e.g. Junk model, Lego, cake, papier-mâché etc. This will be due in on Thursday 17th October

Week 4 - 27th September 

English Homework Year 1 and 2

Describe the picture of the dragon.

Year 1: Write simple sentences using adjectives.

E.g. The dragon has red wings.

Year 2: Write simple and compound sentences with expanded noun phrases.

E.g. The friendly, purple dragon has red wings.  

Week 3 - 20th September 

Topic Homework

Draw your own dragon and label its features. If you would like to decorate it feel free to use any medium you would like e.g. pencils, paints etc.

Week 2 - 13th September

Maths Homework

Make number bonds to 10 using practical resources at home. For example, 1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10 etc. You could use toy cars, pasta, clothes pegs or any other items you can find around the house. You could draw pictures of what you do, take photographs and stick these in and/or record down the number sentence.


Year 2: Your challenge is to make number bonds to 20. Year 1 if you would like to try this challenge as well please do.

Week 1 - 6th September

For your child’s homework this week please could you ask them some questions about the new school year.

This can be a speaking and listening task or they can write the answers in their new, pink homework books.

The questions we would like them to answer are:

- Who did you sit next to in your new classroom?

- What does your new playground look like?

- What is your favourite part of your new classroom?

- Can you tell me something about your new teacher?

- What activities have you done in your new class?