Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Spring Term 2020

Tuesday 17th March - Maths


In our Maths lesson today we practised the grid method for multiplication.  We learned how to multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.




Tuesday 17th March - French


Today we recapped the names of different shops in French and then practised how to ask for things in a shop.





Monday 16th March - Maths


In our Maths lesson today we practised solving 2 step problems involving multiplication.

We used bar models, number lines and the grid method to represent and solve the problem.




Monday 16th March - Science


Do you know that our bodies are full of germs? They are everywhere! On our skin, hair and even nails!

Germs are tiny organisms, and are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye, and can only be seen by using a microscope.

Occasionally we may get ill form certain germs that enter our bodies. There are 4 main types of germ: Bacteria | Viruses | Fungi | Protozoa 





This afternoon we did an experiment to see what happens when 'germs' and soap react. We used water, pepper (germs) and soap.




Monday 9th March


This week we will be completing our termly tests in Year 3/4. These tests help us to assess gaps in the children's knowledge and ensure that we are planning activities to address these.



We have sent home details for the online app SeeSaw this week. Please download this and ensure you are familiar with this. We have already begun to set work for the children to have a go at - feel free to have a go already!



Taken from the school newsletter:

Seesaw will enable the teachers to post work for the class online and to communicate individually with each child. For example – if your child struggles with a maths activity the teacher can offer further support or direct you to further resources to help.

Please note: In the event of a school closure, we will post work on both the website and on Seesaw. We will provide further details if the school closure takes place.


Thursday 5th March - World Book Day


We have had a lovely day dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day.


This year's theme is LET'S SHARE A STORY




We enjoyed sharing stories with younger children this morning when we took part in a story swap.



Wednesday 4th March - Maths


In our Maths lesson today, Year 4 practised multiplying 3 numbers together.

First we counted out 30 cubes and made them into a cuboid. We then thought about the calculation that would match our cuboid.

Eg. 2 x 3 x 5 = 30

After this we changed our cuboids into different arrangements.

Eg. 15 x 2 x 1 = 30





Tuesday 3rd March - English


In our English lesson today we thought about what makes a good report. As part of our investigation, we have been looking for clues and making deductions. We have thought about key vocabulary that we could use and also the purpose of our writing.


Here are our ideas:




Monday 2nd March - special visitors!


Today we were very lucky to be visited by two Police Community Support Officers.

PCSO Emma and PCSO Charlotte came to talk to us about their jobs and gave us some helpful tips and information to help us with our own investigation.

Monday 24th February - What has happened to our classroom?!


When we came back to our classroom after Assembly this morning we saw this...




A mystery is unfolding. We will need to follow the clues...


Friday 27th February - Writing reports


As part of our investigation, we wrote eye-witness statements today. Here is our class example that we worked on together.


Mr Johnson got home at 11:00pm after a long shift at the hospital where he works. When he got home, he went straight upstairs and changed into his pyjamas. Immediately after this, he went back downstairs. At approximately 11:07pm, he entered the kitchen in order to make a sandwich as he had not yet eaten. After pouring himself a glass of milk, he sat down at the kitchen table to eat. He quickly ate all of his sandwich and proceeded to make another because he was still feeling hungry.

Mr Johnson reports that he then looked at the clock and it was 11:26pm. He had just sat down back at the table when something outside of the window caught his eye. Strange noises could be heard just outside such as whistling, crashing and banging. Mr Johnson stood up and looked out of the window where he could see approximately 200 toad-like creatures sat on lily-pads hovering in the air. Mr Johnson said he was confused at this point and was worried he was imagining the scene.


Thursday 6th February - Egyptian Day


Today we were very lucky to be visited by Russ - an Egyptian expert!

We completed a variety of activities throughout the day and loved getting to dress up too.





Wednesday 15th January - English


In our English lesson today we have been exploring vocabulary. We examined a passage from a book and talked about the descriptive language and the image it creates in our head. We then drew a picture of what we thought the setting might look like.

After this we chose some adjectives (eg. black, small, ugly) from the book and had a go at uplevelling them.



Monday 13th January - Science


Last week we started our new Science topic- ELECTRICITY!

This afternoon we discussed appliances that we might find in school or in our home that use electricity. We talked about the difference between mains and batteries.


The above video is taken from the BBC Bitesize page and explains a little about electricity.


Electricity is created by generators which can be powered by gas, coal, oil, wind or solar.

The electrical energy can be converted into other types of energy such as light, heat, movement or sound. Electricity is dangerous, so be careful when using electrical appliances.



TADLEY'S GOT TALENT - information from the school newsletter


Tadley's Got Talent ‘Tadley’s Got Talent’ is back! This is a wonderful opportunity for children to share their talents. Children may perform an act on their own or with children in their year group. Performances may involve: dance acts, music acts, magic, jokes, impressions, story-telling, poetry, gymnastics, sport skills or anything else that is entertaining!


If your child is interested in entering, they should prepare their act for a year group audition. 

The Year 3/4 auditions will be held on WEDNESDAY 22ND JANUARY.


After the classroom auditions, approximately 6 - 8 acts will be put through to the semi-finals: one for KS1 and one for KS2. Staff will then select 6 acts from each Key Stage, to perform in the grand final which will take place on Thursday 13th February in the school hall at 6pm. Parents/guardians and friends are welcome to come along and tickets will be available for this.



Monday 13th January - Guided Reading


Today we were finding out more about the River Nile and how the Egyptians used it.


The main method of transport in ancient Egypt was by boat along the River Nile.

The earliest kinds of boat were made from papyrus reeds. They were propelled by a long pole and, later on, by oars. Gradually, wooden boats replaced the reed ones, and sails were added.


Key questions:

  • How did they make their early boats?
  • What did they use?
  • What are the two branches of the River Nile?


Monday 13th January - Maths


Time can be very tricky to learn! We have all worked extremely hard today in our Maths lessons. We recapped O’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to and then practised counting around the clock in 5 minute intervals


Group 1: In our Maths lesson today we practised telling the time practically using an analogue clock. We focussed on O’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to

For example: Show on your clock....quarter past three.


Group 2: In our Maths lesson today we learned about analogue and digital time. We then practised converting between the two.

For example: 13:30 means half past one in the afternoon.





Next week we will be teaching TIME in our Maths lessons. This is a concept that lots of children find tricky. Please practise this at home as often as you can (not just next week).


Spring Term Year 3 objectives for time:

  • Tell and write the time from an analogue clock (12-hour).
  • Use vocabulary such as am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight.
  • Solve number and practical problems involving these ideas.


Spring Term Year 4 objectives for time:


  • All of the Year 3 objectives - recap
  • Read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12 and 24-hour clocks


In class we talk about time every day. We have been practising questions such as:


What time is it now on the clock? (not on a digital watch or the computer)

How many minutes is it until Break Time? How long is this in seconds?

If it is 3:07pm now, how long is it until we line up?




Friday 10th January - Year 4 Maths


In our Maths lesson today we continued our work on symmetry. First we had a go at this test question...




Then we created our own symmetrical patterns in our books.


Friday 10th January - Maths


Today in Swordfish Class we have been learning about different types of triangle.


We found out that there are 4 different types of triangle. We could already name 2 types as we usually see, talk about and draw equilateral triangles and right-angled triangles.


We discovered 2 other types of triangle - isosceles and scalene.


The four types of triangle are:

  • equilateral
  • right-angled
  • isosceles
  • scalene



Friday 10th January - Grammar


Today we were recapping different sentence types (command, statement, exclamation and question)

The children discussed a range of sentences and sorted them into the correct group. They then practised writing their own in their SPaG book.


For example:


I am your teacher today

Who are you with

Stand up



Thursday 9th January - Year 3 Maths


Year 3 have been learning about angles and turns. The children were learning to recognise that two right-angles make a half-turn, that three right-angles make three-quarters of a turn and four make a complete turn.


Thursday 9th January - English


In our English lesson today we examined the following piece of text from an unknown book.


Every morning I would set off from the shelter of the temple walls, down to the great river, looking for food and soaking up warmth. When the sun was high, I sheltered among the roots of a tree, under a stone.


We acted out this short extract with a partner and then wrote predictions based on who we thought the narrator might be.


Next we looked at a picture from the story...





This changed a lot of our predictions so we wrote new ones based on the picture.


Finally we looked at the second piece of text from the story...


But one morning was different. I looked up and there, in front of the temple, stood a young man dressed in the robes of a prince. He stopped, bent and scooped me up in the palm of his hand. I was not afraid. A peacefulness filled me.


It was at this point that we realised that we had missed a clue in the first piece of text!


Thursday 9th January - Guided Reading


In our lesson today we started looking at a non-fiction book about Ancient Egypt. We focussed on the following page which was all about the River Nile.



The children had to highlight interesting vocabulary that they do not often see or use (eg. flourish, fertile, retreated, barren) and discuss what they thought it meant using the rest of the sentence to help them.


We then used the text to answer the question - WHY DID THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS LIVE NEAR THE RIVER NILE?


Thursday 9th January - Year 4 Maths


Year 4 have been working on symmetry today. We looked at a selection of 2-D shapes and thought about how many lines of symmetry each might have. We noticed that a pentagon (5 sides) has 5 lines of symmetry.



We then looked at patterns and how to make them symmetrical.



Wednesday 8th January - Maths


In today's Maths lesson we used our angle eaters to find different angles. We learned that there are acute, right and obtuse angles.




We found lots of right angles and some acute angles in the classroom.

We then went on a walk around school to see if we could find any obtuse angles.



Tuesday 7th January - Welcome back!


We have had a lovely first day back. We have been busy recapping 2-D shapes and our Year 3/4 spellings (a copy of these can be found at the bottom of this page).