Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Autumn Term 2018

Our first Topic -

Stone Age to Iron Age


We have been finding out about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.


Stone Age hunter-gatherers had to catch or find everything they ate. They moved from place to place in search of food.  Early Stone Age people hunted with sharpened sticks. Later, they used bows and arrows and spears tipped with flint or bone. People gathered nuts and fruits and dug up roots. They went fishing using nets and harpoons.  Stone Age people cut up their food with sharpened stones and cooked it on a fire. They used animal skins to make clothes and shelters. After a good day’s hunting people could feast on meat. But the next day they had to start finding food again!

In the early Stone Age, people made simple hand-axes out of stones. They made hammers from bones or antlers and they sharpened sticks to use as hunting spears.


As part of our topic, we created our own hand print art to decorate our classrooms!





In our English lessons, we have been learning how to write using different sentence structures.

We have practised simple, compound and complex sentences.



This term in Maths, our focus has been number and place value.

We have been learning how to recognise, read and write numbers with 3 and 4 digits.

We have been adding/subtracting 1, 10 and 100 to/from numbers and showing how we can represent this using concrete resources (dienes, multilink and place value counters).




We have been reading Stone Age Boy in our Guided Reading sessions.

We have been focussing on different reading behaviours each day:

predict, infer, summarise, select and retrieve.




In our Art lessons, we have been studying cave paintings.

We found out about the different patterns and designs that have been discovered.


An Autumn Poem


Golden leaves swirl above my head

Orange, red and yellow leaves swirl in the sky

Lovely leaves dance in the sky

Dancing trees whistle in the wind

Everything looks beautiful in Autumn

Nests are being built for the baby birds


Let autumn come because it is a special time

Eat lots of special food

Autumn is the best

Value the different foods

Enjoy the Autumn

Squirrels collect nuts to eat for their dinner.


By Amelia


Friday 28th September 2018

Macmillan Coffee and cake morning


Year 3 and 4 held a Grandparent’s Macmillan Coffee Morning with all proceeds going to Macmillan. The children from each class took turns serving their grandparents with cakes that they made in school.