Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 16th July - English


Today the children had the opportunity to show off all they have learnt this year. They were asked to write a setting description for a magical picture. First we identified adjectives and expanded noun phrases they could use in their writing. 



Writing by Ariadne Blair


Over the rainbow, there was a very enchanting place where the big, brown bears can speak and the golden, crispy grass waved magically in the wind. But the most magical creature of all is the turquoise whale (who is actually 158 years old). He floats over the peacefully quiet clouds helping nature by planting trees into the ground from his spout. Suddenly, the spectacular butterfly squad called just fluttered past the long wavy grass. It is now very calm because it is silent. 



Week commencing 8th July 2019


Tudor houses


This week Year 3 and 4 planned, made and evaluated Tudor houses. They made sure the houses had features of traditional Tudor houses such as white paint, larger second floor and small ground floor, beams and diagonal lines on the windows. They have created some exceptional work - Well done Year 3 and 4.





Tuesday 9th July


Clownfish - Rounders

In today's P.E lesson Clownfish played rounders. The children are grasping the skills of hitting the ball and fielding.


Our last P.E session of the year will be Wednesday 17th July. **


Wednesday 3rd July - Dance Phaze


Today we were very fortunate to be surprised by a performance from Dance Phaze! They were very energetic and kept us well entertained.




Monday 1st July 2019 - What can you do in a minute?


In our maths lesson today we investigated different activities that we could do in one minute.

First of all we closed our eyes and estimated how long a minute was. Our estimates were pretty accurate! We estimated how many times we could clap, jump and hop in a minute. Then we went outside and timed ourselves.


What can you do in a minute?


Keeping Active!


Today Manta ray class have learnt some new ways to remember different English and Maths skills. 

We learnt through the Super Movers!


Take a look at the link below. Can you join in with the Super Movers?



Monday 24th June - Tudor houses


Today the children learnt about Tudor houses. We talked about how the walls were made from hand made beams, daub and sticks. The houses were then covered in lime wash. The children thought they looked a bit odd because the top part of the house was bigger than the bottom. Next week the children will be making their own Tudor houses so they sketched their own designs.

Friday 21st June


Tudor hats


After a very busy week, Team Swordfish had a fun start to the day making their own Tudor hats.  We then practised our bows and Tudor greetings.




Tuesday 18th June



In our Science lesson today we investigated the following statement:


How far away does a magnet need to be before it attracts a magnetic material?


We planned an investigation and made predictions about what we thought would happen.


We found out that magnetic forces work through other materials, so magnets do not need to be touching to exert their force.

Monday 17th June


Throughout the week the children will be completing their Year 3 & Year 4 Summer Term tests.

The children have worked hard all year and these tests (along with our own teacher judgements) are used to inform our final assessments.


These tests are : Maths, Reading, SpaG and Spelling.




10.6.19 - 14.6.19


A week in the life of Year 3 & 4...


Time is flying along and another week is over already! A very wet week at Tadley Primary with lots of indoor playtime - we are hoping for some sunshine next week! yes


In our English this week we have been writing about our trip to Hampton Court Palace. We have been looking at a range of leaflets and their features so that we are ready to create our own about Hampton Court. In Maths we have been learning about time. We have found out about Roman numerals, made our own clocks and converted between 12 and 24 hour clocks. We also got to use magnets in our science lesson, which we all loved!


We have also been practising for Sports Day - it is next Thursday!


Check out some time games here:

Friday 14th June - Science - magnets


In our Science lesson today we found out about magnets! We watched some video clips and then discussed what we had seen.


Key questions:

What are magnets attracted to?

Are all metals magnetic? 


Key vocabulary:



pole (south and north)



We found out:

When two magnets are close, they create pushing or pulling forces on one another.

These forces are strongest at the ends of the magnets. The two ends of a magnet are known as the north pole and the south pole.


We looked at the following clip together:





Monday 10th June


Whilst at Hampton Court Palace, the children were able to look at Tudor clothing. They kindly provided the children with templates to design their own crown or Tudor hat. Today the children enjoyed designing their own headwear. Don't they look great!

Monday 10th June - Maths


Today the children started a new maths unit. In this unit they will be learning how to tell and write the time from an analogue clock (using Roman numerals 1-12). They identified and ordered the Roman numerals 1-12. The children then put them in a circle as if they were reading a clock.


Clownfish class have been listening to the song below to learn our Roman numerals.

3.6.19 - 7.6.19


A week in the life of Year 3 & 4...


We have had a lovely first week back. There has been a real buzz in all of the classrooms this week as we were all very excited about our trip to Hampton Court. In English we have been recapping simple, compound and complex sentences this week.

At home ~ you could try improving sentences when you are sat having dinner or walking to school...

Eg. The little girl walked to school.

      The little girl walked to school and she felt very excited about her day.

       The little girl walked to school quickly because she felt very excited about her day.


Can you add a conjunction? fronted adverbial? etc.


Reminder: Term 6 of 6 is always very busy! There are a lot of things going on throughout the term so look out for the letters informing you of upcoming events (Summer Fair, Sports Day, transition days, disco etc). yes



Thursday 6th June - Trip day


We have had a lovely day at Hampton Court. We have found out lots more about the Tudors and even saw King Henry himself!









Tuesday 4th June - English


Today in English we recapped different sentence structures (simple, compound and complex). We talked about conjunctions and how they can be used in a sentence.


Here is an example of what we came up with together:



We then used photos from Hampton Court to write our own sentences.



Monday 3rd June - Hampton Court Palace


As part of our English lesson today we watched the following video clip about Hampton Court. This is in preparation for our trip on Thursday.

We discussed what we could see in the video clip and thought of questions that we would like to find out the answers to. We particularly liked the size of the 'Great Kitchen'.



  • How big is Hampton Court?
  • Why did Wolsey give such a lovely palace to Henry?
  • How many people have lived there / owned the palace over the years?
  • Who owns the palace now?
  • How many rooms are there in the palace?



Find out more information on the Hampton Court website:


Happy Half Term!


Well done for a fantastic half term Year 3 & Year 4. We hope you have enjoyed finding out lots about the Tudors and performing in our fantastic Sharing Assembly.


Remember our trip to Hampton Court is the first week back : Thursday 6th June


Have a great week off!


Mrs Taplin, Mrs Hillerton, Miss Culver & Mrs Ebenezer.


P.S : The children have taken their P.E kits home for a wash and also emptied their trays. Please check what they have brought home (lots of letters and bits of paper seem to have accumulated over the term!)




Friday 24th May - Topic


Tudor medicine


Today, we found out about diseases in Tudor Britain and how these diseases were treated.


The Tudors had little knowledge about the body and diseases. Today, many diseases can be treated with modern medicine, but in Tudor times they could be deadly. We found out about the plague and the English sweat.


Herbal remedies were often known as ‘simples’ and most Tudor women would have known how to make them.




Thomas Wolsey


We also found out about Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. He became Lord Chancellor, and Henry VIII’s key adviser, in 1515.  Today, Thomas Wolsey is remembered for his great political and religious influence and power, and his passion for architecture – he lived in and redesigned Hampton Court Palace!


Find out more here:



20.5.19 - 24.5.19


A week in the life of Year 3 & 4...


The week has flown by and it is Friday already! This week we have completed another arithmetic test (please see some examples of questions underneath). We have found out about Tudor clothing, punishments and medicine. We created some beautiful artwork for the school hall display and started writing our English work up in neat on authentic (tea-stained!) paper.





Thursday 23rd May -  Computing - algorithms


This morning Swordfish Class practised giving instructions to the Beebots.

We worked in small groups and gave the Beebots different instructions to follow. Each time we had to think about where we wanted it to end up and the route it needed to take. We also had a go at following set commands. These created some 2-D shapes.




We also had the opportunity to use our new 'town' and 'beach' maps.




Inter-house netball




Tuesday 21st May & Wednesday 22nd May


Maths- Numberlink Boards


Over the past few weeks the children have been introduced to the 'Numberlink boards'. These boards help them link facts they already know about times tables and division and also help them to derive other facts.

Clownfish -Today we looked at our times tables and the link between multiplying a number that is 10 times bigger.


Swordfish - We noticed the link between the 3x table and the 6x table. We also practised counting in 3's and 6's using the counting stick.






Why don't you ask your child to explain how to use the Numberlink boards? You don't need the boards to practise,  you could write it out on a piece of paper.



Monday 20th May - Tudor Clothes


Today in our Topic lesson we found out about the clothes worn in Tudor times.  People wore clothes made out of natural materials such as cotton, silk, leather, satin, velvet and fur.


Rich Tudors wore clothes that had intricate designs and eye-catching shapes. As they had lots of money, they could buy materials from further away. A rich Tudor man would wear a ruff (collar), velvet hat, cotton shirt, a cape, doublet (jacket) and trunk hose (long socks). Most of their jackets were padded to show wealth.

A rich Tudor woman would wear a cotton underdress, farthingale (made with whale bones), petticoat, padded roll, kirtle, french hood, sleeves lined with fur, a dress with a 'V' shape and a silver pomander (perfume ball).


Peasants had very little money and would only have one outfit until it wore out. Their clothes were mainly made out of rough cotton, wool and leather. They would wear a cotton cap, rough cotton shirt, tunic, wool breeches and leather boots. Ladies would wear a cotton shirt, an apron and a woollen skirt.


The children found out that the Tudors rarely washed. Queen Elizabeth I was unusual, she used to wash once a month! They used perfume to cover up the smell.


Please click on the link to find out more information about Tudor clothes.


13.5.19 - 17.5.19


A week in the life of Year 3 & 4...


Another week comes to an end and now we are just a week away from Half Term. This week we have finished writing our persuasive speeches about King Henry's divorce. We have worked hard to ensure that we have included the persuasive features that we have learnt. In our maths lessons we have found out how to calculate the area and perimeter of shapes.

We had a wonderful end to the week watching and playing in the finals of the Inter-house football tournament. 



Thursday 16th May - Tudor Food


Today in our Topic lesson we found out about the different foods enjoyed during the Tudor times. We were disgusted by some of their choices and couldn't believe how much meat they ate! The rich Tudors really did love their food!


Take a look at what we learnt with the link below and listen to some of our own Tudor Banquet Menus.

A Tudor menu...


A Tudor menu...


Wednesday 15th May - Maths




Today in Maths we were learning how to find area. We found out that area is the space inside the boundary of a flat 2D object.  First the children used cubes to find different rectangles with the same area. We had 16 cubes and found 5 different rectangles with an area of 16cm². The children then created their names on squared paper. To find the area of each letter they counted the 1cm x 1cm squares. As an extension they had to calculate the total area of their name and the perimeter.



Tuesday 14th May - Maths




Today in Maths we were learning how to find perimeter. We found out that perimeter is the distance around the edge of a 2D shape. We practised measuring perimeter using trundle wheels, rulers and metre sticks. We know that we can measure length/distance using mm, cm, m, km and miles.


Clownfish class: This morning we went out onto the playground at the front of school. We estimated how many metres we thought the playground would be. These estimations ranged from 15m to 500m. The front playground actually measured approx. 90m.


Swordfish class & Manta Ray class: This afternoon both classes went outside on the KS2 playground. We estimated that the perimeter would be approx. 150m-200m. We got into small groups and used the trundle wheels to measure the perimeter. We found out that the perimeter is 148m.

One of the groups went onto the field to measure the perimeter. We were interested to see how far we have been running and walking each day for 'The Daily Mile'.





Creative Homework


A few of the children in Year 3 and 4 have started to bring in some of the optional creative homework. We are amazed at their creativity and the effort that they have put in.

You could use these pictures as inspiration for your own creative homework. 



Tuesday 14th May - P.E


Today in our P.E lesson we practised different athletic skills. There were 5 different stations set up for the children to use.


1. Throwing and catching

2. Long distance running

3. Long jump

4. Javelin

5. Relay with batons


Reminder: Our Sports Day is on Thursday 20th June





Monday 13th May - English:


Today in English we wrote a letter to Henry VIII. We had to choose one of the following tasks:


  1. Reassure Henry that it is OK that he has not had a son yet and convince him to divorce and change the law.


  1. Reassure Henry he has a Princess already, he is a loyal Catholic and he must stay with Catherine of Aragon.




Dear King Henry,


I am writing to you today to say that it is OK that you do not have a son yet. You are still young, fit and healthy and God will give you a son. I am writing to reassure you that you can divorce Catherine and marry someone new. It is for the good of the country.


We had to remember to include the persuasive features that we have been practising.

  • Rhetorical question
  • Repetition
  • Exaggeration
  • Power of three



Dear Henry...


Trip Information


You should have received a letter yesterday regarding our planned trip to Hampton Court Palace on Thursday 6th June 2019. Just in case your letter did not make it home, you can find a copy of the information letter and the reply slip at the bottom of this page.


We are very excited about the trip. It promises to be a great learning experience for all!



6.5.19 – 10.5.19


A week in the life of Year 3 & 4...


We have had a very busy week preparing for our Sharing Assembly about the Tudors. Everyone worked really hard and we hope our visitors enjoyed the performances.

In our English lesson on Thursday, we took it in turns role-playing King Henry VIII. We thought about how he might have felt when he found out that Anne Boleyn had given him another daughter.

On Wednesday, we had our weekly French lesson with Miss Mohain. At the moment we are learning new vocabulary related to school. This week we learned about things in our pencil case.

Throughout the week, we have been completing The Daily Mile as a whole year group. We have enjoyed having the opportunity to exercise regularly in the fresh air.

In our Topic lessons, we learnt about life in a Tudor school. We were shocked by the number of hours in a Tudor school day as well as some of the punishments inflicted on children for misbehaviour.

On Friday, we did an arithmetic test which we will be looking at and marking together next week.



Here are two examples of questions from the test.




At the moment we are learning vocabulary related to school. We have learned about different rooms in the school and completed a wordsearch about this.

This week we have practised talking about objects found in a pencil case.





Guided Reading

My Friend Walter by Michael Morpurgo




In our Guided Reading lessons, we have been exploring the book 'My Friend Walter'. We are really enjoying finding out about Sir Walter Raleigh. In the book, the children have just discovered that he is a ghost living in the Tower of London.

The children are really interested to learn more about Sir Walter Raleigh so please use the links below to find out some more information.


Our Sharing Assembly


We have thoroughly enjoyed showing you all we have learnt so far about the Tudors. We enjoyed learning our lines, singing our different songs about Henry VIII, his wives and the Mary Rose and becoming actors and actresses for the day.

We hope you enjoyed it and we taught you something new. 


Tuesday 7th May - We are very excited about our upcoming assembly about 'The Tudors'. This afternoon we have all been practising the songs and rehearsing our lines. We can't wait for you to see it!


Wednesday 8th May - Manta Ray Class 9.15am

Thursday 9th May Swordfish Class 9.15am & Clownfish Class 2.15pm



Team Swordfish Dress Rehearsal




Tuesday 7th May - In our English lesson today we had a class discussion about boys and girls. 

The children were given a stimulus based on Henry VIII to help them shape their responses. The children were encouraged to give their views and opinions and justify these.





Mary Rose research


Tuesday 7th May 2019: Today Year 3 and 4 used the Ipads and laptops to research the Mary Rose.


They tried to answer these questions:


Why was it called the Mary Rose?

Why was it Henry VIII's favourite ship?

Why did it sink?

What was it made from?

How big was it?

How many crew sailed on it?


We explored these websites. Have a look to find out more...


29.4.19 - 3.5.19


A week in the life of Year 3 & 4...


On Monday all 3 classes took part in a special cricket workshop run by All Star Cricket. We practised different skills and learned some new team games to try out in our P.E lessons. 

In our Maths lessons we have been learning how to use the grid method for multiplication. We have used place value counters to help us recognise how big the numbers are.

As part of our Topic and English lessons we have been learning about the line of succession to the throne. We have found out about the different kings and queens during the Tudor period and debated whether boys were more important than girls.

On Friday we played some team games outside and some children took part in an Inter-House football tournament. We are feeling very sporty this week!


All week we have been busy practising our lines and rehearsing the songs for our Tudor Sharing Assembly and can't wait for everyone to see it.



Inter-House Football


Maths - Multiplication (using the grid method)


Tuesday 30th April: Today in Maths we have been learning how to multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. We used place value counters and the grid method to work out the answer.


If you would like to support your children at home with this please click on the link to watch the video. This shows you the method we have been using:









All Stars Cricket


On Monday 29th April, Neil from All Stars Cricket, came and spent some time with the children teaching them cricket skills.  We learnt how to bowl a cricket ball and then practised throwing and catching skills. We all had a lot of fun and learnt some new skills that we can implement into our PE lessons.






We are very excited about our new topic - The Terrible Tudors. We will be finding out about Henry VIII and his six wives.


During the time that the Tudor kings and queens reigned, a lot was happening in England. People were discovering more about the world through exploration, the Church of England was founded, England got a good reputation for having a strong Navy, more people were able to go to school and learn lots of different things, and art and music became an important part of culture.


This website has lots of information if you would like to have a look with your child: Tudors.html