Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Vision and Values

Vision and Values


At Tadley Primary School we believe that in order for our children to achieve their best and become lifelong learners we, as professionals, need to work together to:

  • Create a positive and caring ethos in which achievements are celebrated.
  • Embrace change and be flexible.
  • Respect one another in an open and honest environment.
  • Be confident enough to take risks.
  • Continue to learn and reflect on our own practice.


Learning for Life

The school motto is ‘Learning for Life’. We encourage and challenge each child to develop personally and academically.



Our three core values are Respect, Friendship and Excellence are at the heart of all we do.


Truth – Valuing the truth and being honest with each other and with ourselves.
Fairness – Treating everyone fairly whether we know them or not.
Equality – Understanding that we are all equal, with different strengths and different things to learn.
Celebrating diversity – respecting and celebrating the differences in others.
Kindness – Being friendly, warm-hearted and thoughtful.
Compassion – Thinking how other people might feel and doing all we can to help them.
Gratitude – Appreciating what we have, thanking others and being generous.
Forgiveness – Choosing not to bear grudges and moving on

Doing your best – understanding excellence is not perfection, but seeking to do your best.
Aspiration – Working towards a dream, a goal or an ambition
Courage – Facing challenges, difficulties or problems bravely and with self-control.
Learning Behaviours

At Tadley Primary School six Learning Behaviours underpin the curriculum.

  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Reflection
  • Teamwork

They are addressed throughout the curriculum and embedded within our school ethos.



Effective learners like a challenge and are willing to ‘give it a go’. They know that learning is sometimes hard and are willing to persevere. They understand that they must take a risk to work in the challenge zone. They understand that mistakes are how we learn and can ‘hang in there’ when the going gets tough. They know that all good learners get stuck however, it is only staying stuck that is the problem.



Effective learners can work together to achieve more. They understand that a focussed leader and a shared plan will lead to more successful outcomes. They can listen to and communicate ideas clearly in a group and show empathy to others. They inspire the trust and confidence of others. They are flexible enough to take on different roles in a team to reach a shared goal.



Effective learners are motivated to work independently when they know they have the skills and resources to achieve an outcome by themselves. They know that sometimes learning requires periods of studying, reflecting or working by themselves. They can recognise, manage and minimise distractions. They are comfortable making their own decisions and organising and selecting appropriate resources.  



Effective learners have a constant desire to find things out. They ask HOT questions in order to create their own understanding of the world around them. They accept that not all questions have a clear answer and like to draw their own conclusions about things as a result of enquiry.



Effective learners can look at things in different ways. They find a range of ways to link ideas and concepts. They choose original ways to solve problems and represent their learning. They are skilled at generating lots of ideas. They enjoy playing with ideas and are confident enough to follow a hunch.



Effective learners use a range of tools to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as a learner. They are self-aware and are able to recognise and celebrate their successes. They are able to create an environment to reflect on their learning and construct their own improvement points.