Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School


HeartSmart is a creative approach to building character, emotional health and resilience in children as part of our PSHE curriculum.


At Tadley, we want our children to know that they are valued and equip them with the skills to grow healthy hearts and minds. Boris, the robot, helps children to learn how to be HeartSmart with his High Five principles.

Each one is taught through the use of video lessons and resources to help children explore their own understanding of how to improve their mental health and relationships.

The High Fives have some fun phrases that are part of the program and you may begin to hear them at home!



Boris has his own book that tells his story. He is a robot made from bits and pieces of recycled rubbish. Through HeartSmart, he learns not to listen to the Scrapman's voice (who says Boris belongs on the scrapheap) but to listen to the family who welcome him into their home.


We share this book in school but you may also want to buy one for home.