Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Head Boy and Head Girl

Meet our Head Boy, Head Girl,

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl




Head Boy and Head Girl Job Description

The Head Boy and Head Girl (and their Deputies) are the role models of our school and lead our Prefect Team in their duties. They are responsible for supporting the leadership of the school. We believe that our Year 6 children have important roles to play in the daily life of Tadley school and are expected to take their roles seriously. This is a good opportunity for a child to lead by example and it is a prestigious role in our school.


Main Task: Responsible for promoting our school at every opportunity

Main Role:

  • Supporting Mrs Alsey and Miss Mohain in leading the school
  • Representing the school when required including giving speeches
  • Working with staff to facilitate the running of events
  • Acting as positive role models to the rest of the school
  • Ensuring there is good communication between the adults and the children of our school
  • To lead our team of prefects to support adults and children
  • Lead our ‘Be Proud’ Assemblies


Qualities/Skills Required

  • A good listener
  • Good relationships with children of all ages – able to encourage and support them
  • A positive role model to all
  • Able to recognise and praise other children’s achievements
  • Clear and open communication with staff
  • Always there when required

Application Process:


Please write to Mrs Alsey and Miss Mohain to explain why you would be the perfect candidate for Head Boy or Head Girl.


Remember to include any support you have already given at school, at home and/or in the community; what skills and attributes you have that would support us in leading Tadley Community Primary School; and any ideas you have to make improvements or undertake a special project that will make a positive impact on the school.


We look forward to hearing about your wonderful ideas!