Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Year 5 ~ 2021-22

Welcome to Year 5

Our classes ...

Orca Class - Miss Yockney

Manta Ray Class - Miss Royal & Miss Culver

Check out our class Manta Ray 'Mrs Flappy' -

She was kindly adopted for our class smiley

Spring Term

Our new topic for the Spring Term is Raiders and Invaders!

Please follow this link to find our homework:


If you would like any help with your homework, please remember to ask your teacher or look out for Homework Club!

Spring Term 1

Week 1 - 4 - English

We have started work looking at the short story below. We have looked at camera angles, sequencing and how to show feelings without saying the word. In the coming weeks, we will be writing a detailed scene for part of the story. We will aim to create emotion and imagery for our readers. 

The Piano

Monday 10th January - Maths *NEW LEARNING*

In Maths we have begun to learn the method of short division. We have started by using counters to help us visualise the method and writing on the tables! This gave us the opportunity to practise our new method and understand it fully. 

Here is a link to show you our new method:

Autumn Term

Our first topic this year will be all about SPACE!

Autumn Term 2

Wednesday 24th November - INTECH!

We had an incredible time with Year 6 at Intech today and learnt so much more about space and other exciting Science things! We loved the planetarium and got to see our solar system up close, as well as zooming out to explore the galaxy ... and beyond! Whilst there, we took part in a workshop and learnt about a new satellite that will be launched in to space next month. It is going to be able to take photos further in to space than even the Hubble telescope! Keep an eye out for the link NASA may post to watch this incredible piece of history making!

Maths in week 2 and 3

In Maths we have been learning about multiples, factors, prime numbers and squared numbers. Below are some posters to help you remember what they are. Can you teach someone in your family about them?

Wednesday 17th November

Today in Science we learnt why we have day and night. Below are some of our presentations ...

Day and Night

Still image for this video

Day and Night

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Autumn Term 1

Tuesday 14th September


Today we learnt what it takes to be an astronaut with NASA. 

We learnt basic first aid and some Russian! 



We also learnt to walk on the moon!

Walking on the moon

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Thursday 23rd September 


This week we have been reading lots of different poetry about space. We have read The Moon, Rumble, Sailing out to Space, Space Staring and When I'm An Astronaut. We also had a go at performing them in little groups. We added actions and expression! Here are our performances ...

Space Poetry

Still image for this video

Space Poetry

Still image for this video

Space Poetry

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Year 5 Art Lessons


On Thursday's we have been practising different skills to improve our sketching technique. We have learnt different mark making techniques and how to use these to create depth and texture to our drawings. Here is how we are getting on so far ...

We have begun learning about the artist Rembrandt and studying some of his portraits. 

We have created close observation of Rembrandt's work preparing for creating our own portraits in his style. We looked closely at the different marks he made, the shading technique and where the single light source was focussed.

Happy Harvest

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To celebrate Harvest this year, we have learnt a Harvest Shanty - we hope you enjoy it! We have also designed and created our own Zentangle pumpkins in black and white and on a water-coloured background. We thought about how we could blend the colours to help show the shapes of the segments. 

Happy Harvest Everyone!