Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Our Staff

Our Staff Team


Head Teacher

Rebekah Alsey


Deputy Head Teacher and SENCo

Amelia Mohain


Office Team

Gail Thompson, Sue Hatton and Sarah Moncrieff


Year R Team

Potter Class - Frances Ebenezer, Mereasa Boyes and Steph Howells

Hargreaves Class - Clare Walker, Charlotte Brant and Kay Meakes


Year 1 Team

Peake Class - Clare Pither. Olivia Alsey, Aimee Northcote and Amber Blackburn


Year 2 Team

Attenborough Class - Hattie Davies, Rhianna Ghadd and Sarah Darvell


Year 3 Team

Obama Class - Katrina Wheeler, Karen Heylar and Hannah Smith


Year 4 Team

Storey Class - Hannah Royal, Julie Brady and Sarah Kettley


Year 5 Team

Turing Class - Sam Hilerton and Tracy Kelly

Austen Class - Taryn Izzo and Kate McHale


Year 6 Team

Shakespeare Class - Clare Yockney, Candice Cooper and Jo Batson


PPA Cover

Jessica Taplin, Charlotte Martyn and Candice Cooper


Wellbeing and Pastoral Team

Charlotte Martyn and Lana Knapp


Designated Safeguarding Team

Rebekah Alsey, Amelia Mohain, Charlotte Martyn, Lana Knapp and Gail Thompson


Attendance Team

Gail Thompson


Lunch Play Team

Tracey Kelly (Play Co-ordinator), Caroline Ide, Lyn Nightingale, Charlotte Oliver, Cheryl O'Sullivan, Candice Cooper, Mareasa Boyes, Steph Howells, Kate McHale, Kay Meakes, Amiee Northcote, Sarah Kettley, Hannah Smith, Sarah Darvell, Amber Blackburn


Lunch Catering Team

Tina Cripps and Liane James


Site Manager

Shane Pike


Cleaning Team

Mandy Powell