Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

School Uniform

Girls Clothing

  • Blue polo-shirt with collar and Tadley School logo
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or Navy blue school cardigan with Tadley School logo
  • Grey skirt, pinafore or culottes/grey tailored shorts or grey trousers
  • Strong plain black school shoes
  • Light blue and white checked dresses may be worn in warm weather


Boys Clothing

  • Blue polo-shirt with collar Tadley School logo
  • Navy blue sweatshirt with Tadley School logo
  • Grey trousers or grey tailored shorts
  • Strong plain black school shoes


P.E. Kit

  • T-shirt in house team colours with Tadley School logo
  • Navy shorts
  • Black plimsolls/Trainers
  • Children may wear tracksuits during the cold winter weather. Tracksuits should be plain, dark in colour. Any designer logos must be small and discrete.
  • P.E. kit should be kept in a named P.E bag and all articles of clothing should also be named. P.E kits should stay in school all half term.
  • The navy sweatshirts, cardigans and coloured PE shirts with the Tadley logo on, are all available from ‘Skool Kit’ in Basingstoke or via their website (



The school is a working environment and the style of shoes worn must reflect this:

  • No platform soles, wedges or high heels are allowed
  • Trainers of any description are not acceptable
  • Plain black strong school shoes should be worn
  • Plain boots with no heel are permitted
  • No open toe sandals, sports sandals or rubber shoes are permitted
  • Plimsolls may only be worn for PE. Canvas shoes and other ‘fashion’ shoes are not permitted



Children should wear plain socks or tights that are dark coloured or white. No brightly coloured socks or tights are allowed.



Hair should be kept clean and tidy. All children, girls and boys, are requested to tie hair up where it is long enough to do so. This is for both health and safety reasons and to look smart and ready for school. Hair must be tied up in PE. Where hair is shaved it must not be lower than a grade 2. No extreme hairstyles or patterning are permitted. Very small hair bows (less than an inch) are permitted.


Outdoor Jackets

It is also highly advisable that coats are waterproof as the children often go out to play in inclement conditions. Any form of hooded sweatshirt, zipped or otherwise, is not a suitable alternative to a coat and should not be worn.



Jewellery regulations are strict for obvious safety reasons.


The only jewellery permitted in school is:

  • a watch
  • one small ear-ring stud per ear if their ears are pierced
  • small objects of religious significance (with prior written permission from Headteacher)


On health and safety grounds no other jewellery is permitted.

We ask the children to either remove watches/ear-rings during PE and games or if ears are newly pierced and ear-rings cannot be removed they may be covered with a plaster to prevent them from causing injury. Parents are requested to provide suitable plasters/tape where relevant. Children are responsible for jewellery worn to school, including watches.


Nail varnish and any other form of make up are not permitted.