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Sport at Tadley

Sport at Tadley


At Tadley Primary School, sport is a huge part of the curriculum. We understand that the physical benefits often have an impact on emotional well-being, which can help improve student's school performance. Playing sports with classmates can motivate and help students with their confidence, as they can engage in friendly competition and form new friendship groups by working with a new group of children. 


Every week the children are taught PE by their class teachers.  It is an expectation in schools that children in Year R are participating in an hour of sports per week and KS1 and KS2 children are participating in 2 hours of sports a week. 


Our Sporting Curriculum


Year R


In year R the children are taught a range of skills through fun games. This involves providing opportunities for pupils to be active and interactive, and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement.


The fundamental skills taught are:

  • Throwing and catching
  • Change in speeds from walking, jogging and running
  • Balancing
  • Moving across apparatus
  • Jumping
  • Bat and ball
  • Football dribbling


Year 1/2


In Year 1/2 the children build on the fundamental skills taught in Year R. These are the years where the children start to learn and participate in games. In the Autumn Term the children learn Tag Rugby where they develop their co-ordination, control and movement and at the same time learn the rules for a new sport. In the Spring term the children are taught gymnastics in the hall. They have the opportunity to use the gym mats, crash mat, vaults, balancing beams and the wall bars. They also get taught the importance of how to store and move equipment safely. The children also participate in Netball.  In the Summer term the children learn how to play Rounders which they thoroughly enjoy. During Rounders the children develop their bat and ball skills as well as practising throwing and catching.


Year 3/4


In Year 3/4 the children still work on developing those fundamental skills. They also continue to build on their knowledge of the games/sports they are taught in KS1.

Year 3/4 get taught football and team work skills in the Autumn term. In the Spring term they build on their netball knowledge and start to play competitive matches against each other. During their time with the specialised coach the children participate in gymnastics in the hall. They get out the wall bars and build on the skills taught in KS1. In the Summer term the children are taught Kwik cricket and develop their co-ordination. To prepare for Sports day the children also do athletics followed by Rounders. 


Year 5/6


During their time in 5/6 the children start to build up their team work skills and we find that the level of skill and also competitiveness increases during these years. The children cover a range of different sports across the year. During the Autumn term the children  participate in team games like Rugby. They also continue their Gymnastics unit in the hall. In the Spring term the children continue netball and also get taught contemporary dance. The children continue to build on their Kwik cricket skills in the Summer term and also learn tennis, this is followed by athletics, again to prepare for Sports day and Rounders is played regularly.


Inter-House Events


At Tadley we believe that children should enjoy participating in competitive events and benefit from the social aspects of being part of a team. In school we run Inter-House competitions in the sports the children learn during the year such as Netball, Football and Athletics (Sports Day).

Pamber, Heath, Green and Forest field teams in KS1, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. 

The inter-house events always bring about a competitive side in all the children and those who aren't playing still enjoy cheering their house on, making banners and supporting. 


Teams at Tadley


At Tadley we have some very strong sports teams that attend local matches and tournaments across the county. The children pride themselves in their sportsmanship and we have picked up medals at events for showing this. Throughout the year the children have the opportunity to attend different competitions in sports that they have been training hard for but also sports that they may not have heard of before. The Basingstoke Primary Schools PE and Sport Association run regular 'Give it a Go' tournaments/events where schools can send a team to try out a new sport/activity they may not have done before. We find these events very beneficial for children who do not regularly participate in team sports. 


Our sports teams at Tadley are:

  • KS2 Tag rugby team
  • KS1 Football team
  • 3/4 Football team
  • 5/6 Football team
  • 3/4 Netball team
  • 5/6 Netball team
  • Gymnastics squad
  • KS2 Athletics team



If your child would like to train with a team at one of our after school clubs please speak to our school office or Miss Lowe for more information.


Teams are chosen based on skill, but also based on children who show dedication and regular attendance to training sessions at our after school clubs. 


Sports Premium 


The Sports Premium gets paid to schools by the Secretary of State for Education and must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport across the school. This is for the benefit of all pupils and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.


Breakdown of the sports premium can be found on the tab- 'Key information'