Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Behaviour Curriculum

Learning for Life - The Tadley Way

Tadley Community Primary School Behaviour Curriculum

At Tadley Community Primary School we want to ensure children are ‘Learning for Life, the Tadley Way. We do this through a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing alongside our core values of Pride, Kindness, Diversity and Community and Learning Behaviours of Creativity, Curiosity, Independence, Reflection, Resilience and Teamwork.

We also believe that our children deserve to have the very best opportunities at our school, and this means we must come together as a community and support each other with our three key rules:

These are fundamental to a happy and safe environment where children can thrive, take risks and learn new knowledge and skills. We believe that children do not learn what appropriate behaviour looks like by chance but need to be taught the clear expectations so they can grow into young people who are polite, respectful, inclusive, and put others before themselves. We, therefore, are committed to relentlessly teaching our children the routines and behaviours that will shape the people they will become and support them to embrace every opportunity within not only Tadley school but as they move through their educational journey. By explicitly teaching our children what appropriate behaviours look like, we are creating a culture where children feel safe, can take risks and learn well.

Whilst this curriculum is expected to be taught to all children, we are a school that understands the neurodiversity of our community and that some children will need a different approach to how we support them in learning how to be their best selves. Therefore, we always treat children with the dignity and kindness they deserve and ensure that no child is disadvantaged by our policies and approaches. We firmly believe that a child needs the right environment to thrive and will continue to strive to provide this.