Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Year 3

2020-2021 AUTUMN TERM 1

Week 6 - Fri 16th Oct - Wed 21st Oct

Week 5 - Fri 9th Oct - Wed 14th Oct

Week 4 - Fri 2nd Oct - Wed 7th Oct

Week 3 - Fri 25th Sept - Wed 30th Sept

Week 2 - Fri 18th Sept - Wed 23rd Sept

Please let us know if you are not able to access the online learning resources. smiley

Activities for Home

The children were challenged with creating a new subject for lessons that could be taught at school. We are so impressed with the effort and work that was put into their presentations. Please click the link below to see their presentations and videos. Which subject would you choose?

Below are some activities for you to have a go at whilst you're at home, just click on the subject icon. We would love you to take some photos of your work and upload them to your SeeSaw journal!
Summer 2 Timetables
If your child is struggling with the current situation, worrying or becoming anxious please look at the helpful resources on the parents page of the school website. There are useful work sheets and resources that may help alleviate some of their worries. If you still have any worries or concerns please don't hesitate in contacting your child's teacher or emailing We will always help as much as we can. smiley

2019-2020 SPRING TERM 2

Week 3 - Fri 13th Mar - Thurs 19th Mar

Week 2 - Fri 6th Mar - Thurs 12th Mar

Week 1 - Fri 28th Feb - Thurs 5th Mar

2019-2020 SPRING TERM 1

Week 5 - Fri 7th Feb - Thurs 13th Feb

Week 4 - Fri 31st Jan- Thurs 6th Feb

Week 3 - Fri 24th Jan- Thurs 30th Jan

Week 2 - Fri 17th Jan- Thurs 23rd Jan

Week 1 - Fri 10th Jan- Thurs 16th Jan

2019-2020 AUTUMN TERM 2

Week 5 - Fri 6th Dec - Thurs 12th Dec

Week 4 - Fri 29th Nov - Thurs 5th Dec

Week 3 - Fri 22nd Nov - Thurs 28th Nov

Week 2 - Fri 15th Nov - Thurs 21st Nov

Week 1 - Fri 8th Nov - Thurs 14th Nov

2019-2020 AUTUMN TERM 1

Week 7 - Fri 18th Oct - Thurs 24th Oct

Week 6 - Fri 11th Oct - Thurs 17th Oct

Week 5 - Fri 4th Oct - Thurs 10th Oct

Week 4 - Fri 27th Sept - Thurs 3rd Oct

Week 3 - Fri 20th Sept - Thurs 26th Sept

Week 2 - Fri 13th Sept - Thurs 19th Sept