Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School



Internet safety is an important part of children’s education in today’s digital world and is embedded throughout their learning at school.


We live in an ever changing world of technology, social media, apps and gaming. It is very hard to keep up with the fast pace of this changing world but it is important that we are aware of apps and games that children are accessing so we can all use the internet and digital media in a safe and secure way.


What happens in an Internet minute?



The numbers for these services are so enormous that they can only be shown using the 60 second time scale. Any bigger, and our brains can’t even process these massive quantities in any useful capacity.


Internet safety is taught to all of our pupils. We explain and demonstrate how to stay safe and behave appropriately online. Any e-Safety incidents at school are recorded and managed.


We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents to ensure the e-Safety message is consistent. It is important that parents speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.


Here are 7 questions to ask your child:


Which apps/games are you using at the moment?

Which websites do you enjoy using? Why?

How does this game work? Can I play too?

Do you have any online friends?

Do you know where to go for help?

Do you know what your personal information is?

Do you know your limits?