Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Week 2


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This video explains how to subtract in three different ways; by using objects, drawing and using a structured number line.
Complete the challenges given at the end of the video.
Pick two number cards (these can be made using paper and pens at home) and subtract the smallest from the biggest.
These tasks will need to be completed again next week in order to ensure your child understands the concept of subtracting. These methods can also be used for addition.

Using sound buttons

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This video introduces how we use sound buttons in school. Teaching children how to apply these to their reading enables them to break down their phonic knowledge and read with more ease and fluency.
Task: Complete the task at the end of the video.
Can your child add sound buttons to some words from you?
Can they write their own words or sentences and add sound buttons.
Can they make up their own 'alien' words and add sound buttons.

Phase 2 Phonemes

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This video allows your child to practice their knowledge of the Phase 2 Phonemes.
Can your child find objects starting with these sounds around home and outside?
Can they attempt to use some of these to write CVC words, e.g. cat, mug, tip
Can they make some Phase 2 flashcards themselves and 'teach' a sibling or parent?

Phase 3 Phonemes

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A quick introduction to the Phase 3 Phonemes. So far in school we have only taught a few, but for future reference and for your knowledge we have stated them all. Over the next few weeks your child will be introduced to them one by one in more detail.