Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School


Team Swordfish have been working hard at home.

Here are some of the lovely things that they have been up to...

Freddie thought about habitats.
Lily made a yummy cake.
Lily has been helpful in the garden.
Ben has been thinking about global warming.
Ben learned how to do short multiplication.
Natasha has been practising her times tables.
Natasha made posters thanking the NHS.
Rowan earned a Mathletics certificate.
Logan created a Roman meal.
Logan designed a Roman shield.
Megan interpreted some data.
Henry is growing lots of interesting things.
Henry painted rocks for his garden.
Sienna did a project about Roman SIlchester.
Sienna designed a delicious Roman feast.
Josh worked hard on his symmetry.
Joseph went on a trip to SIlchester.
Joseph created a lovely mosaic.
Mia made a Roman fort.
Mia did an interesting science experiment.
Oscar practised his spelling.
Robin was very responsible.
Elizabeth has been helpful in the kitchen.
Adriana practised her maths.
Grayson designed a Mars buggy.
Grayson created a sun dial to tell the time.
Annabelle found out about dinosaurs.
Annabelle learned some Morse code.
Joshua drew a brilliant Stitch.
Oktawian made some yummy Polish cakes.
Blake deciphered some hieroglyphics.
Skyla created some beautiful string art.
Skyla painted some beautiful rocks.
Grace created some fantastic films.
Jenson wrote a lovely poem.
Jenson earned a Mathletics certificate.
Liam solved a sudoku puzzle.
Izzy made a Roman shield.
Izzy created a brilliant Roman helmet.
Ollie made a wonderful Roman chariot.