Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Some videos from Miss Wood!

Since we don't know when we will be back at school, I thought I would create some videos for you to watch at home! I am hoping they will remind you of bits and bobs we have done at school.
Have fun and enjoy! 🍎

Phase 3 Phonics Flashcards (EYFS)

See if you can pronounce all of the Phase 3 Phonemes and even try the challenges at the end!
Have fun and enjoy!

Writing using phoneme cards

A quick introduction of how we use phoneme cards to help us write words and sentences at school.

Representing numbers 1

An introduction of representing numbers to 6 using a dice, numicon, numerals and words.

Adding using number lines

A quick introduction of how to add using a number line. You will need a number line in order to practise at home. These can be made yourselves or downloaded from Twinkl.

Story time ~ Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae

A few follow up activities could be:
- Find the rhyming words in the story. Could you make a new page for the book that includes rhyming?
- Make a shopping list of items that might be needed for the Jungle Dance.
- How many of each item might be needed? How much would it all cost?
- Use photos of real giraffes as a starting point for drawing your own illustrations?
- Make some decorations that the animals could put on display at the Jungle Dance.
- Plan a dance that Gerald might be able to do. Could you rehearse and perform it to an audience?
- How might Gerald feel when the other animals are laughing and waiting for him to dance? How should they behave instead?
- Discuss what the difference is between laughing at someone and laughing with someone.

Subtracting using a number line

Following on from using a number line to add, this video gives examples of how to subtract using a number line. You will need a number line to practise on. These can be found at Twinkl or made at home!
Enjoy :)

Telling the time ~ o'clock

This video recaps how we read o'clock times using an analogue clock. Why not try the challenges and tasks mentioned throughout the video too! Mrs Pither and I would love to see your work uploaded on to Tapestry!

Story Time ~ Aliens Love Underpants

Enjoy the story, Aliens Love Underpants written by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. Please use this story in Week 5's English work.

Let's go on a colour hunt!

Are you ready for a colour hunt? Search your home and garden for objects that represent all colours of the rainbow! Can you find more than one object for each colour? Once you have found all the colours, arrange them in a rainbow and take a picture. I bet they will look beautiful!

Grow a rainbow!

Use all of these household objects to grow a rainbow or pattern! Follow the simple instructions and have some fun!

Maths ~ Sharing to create equal groups

This is a quick introduction to the concept of sharing which leads on to the concept of division as Year R children move into Year 1. Using words such as sha...

Maths ~ Doubling

Some games and activities to help a child's understanding of how to double numbers.

Maths ~ 2D Shapes

In this video we go over the properties of 2D shapes and decide which shapes we can within everyday objects.