Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Sea Otters

Jessica took some screenshots of her Roblox game!

Jack E displays some work he's done this week!

Here are Woody's instructions on how to make a bird feeder -- just one slide from a wonderful lesson in woodwork! Well done!!

George has been keeping up with all of the website work... but he is also having some fun on Seesaw and getting creative! :)

Jake has been doing a lot of creative writing lately. He also put together a fab week-long lesson and presentation on Meccano!

Oscar drew his favourite character from a book... the Lion King!

Woody found some fronted adverbials!

Luka is keeping cool by practising his spellings. :)

Luca had some nice thoughts. :)

Jack E shared some news!

Ana is finding starfish in Portugal!

Jessica has gotten creative with paper!

Jake has thought about engineering and how small parts can be put together to make something BIG.

Oscar has grown carrots!

George came up with a great lesson on nature. :)

Look at all these mistakes Woody spotted!

Ana and her fam are visiting grandma in Portugal! :)

George did some work with spellings and addition! Check out that marking too!

Jack E did a fun creative copying activity and it turned out real cute!

Rumbi wrote some beautiful words on the ocean!

Luca did some research on Australia!

Jake solved this fractions puzzle!

Amelia shared some of her favourite things. :)

Oscar's poem on animals on the silly things they eat!

Luka did some neat Maths work!

Jessica made a very thorough family tree!

Flynn did some PSHE!

Kendall did some spellings and misses McDonalds. :)

Sol practised and edited his spellings!

Jack and Luca wrote lovely acrostic poems.

Jake did some research on gods and goddesses!

Luka found some good verbs to go with this picture.

Tai did some PSHE.

Woody is keeping up with his French skills!

Oscar is trying to get a Blue Peter Badge!

Woody designed a pizza after learning about who invented it!

Jamie revisited his homophones.

Caleb practised his fluency and expression.

Hollie practised reading aloud!

Tai compared and contrasted two different characters from a story he listened to.

Sophie practised her reading in different ways!

Rumbi learned about VE Day.

Amelia did some fraction practise.

Hollie did some times tables practise!

Ana showed how to make some fried fish.

Luka has been working hard on his mental maths calculations and his skill of telling time!

Flynn practised spellings with some sea otters.

Luca calculated the amount of time between when he woke up and when he ate breakfast!

Jack learned about hand sanitizer.

Jessica made a really cool digital wolf!

Sol practised his spellings in an especially creative way.

Kendall practised attributes of 3D shapes.

Riley used Miss Rieland's baking to complete some maths questions about weight and symmetry.

Oscar made a delicious looking chocolate cake!

Jake has used a unique way to practise his Year 3/4 Common Exception words and created a word rainbow!

George used his knowledge of Roman numerals to create calculations for his family.