Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School


Week 6

FRIDAY ~ BBC Bitesize Video 2


Friday - Miss Royal ~ Another way of finding symmetry


Tues Video ~ How To Describe 3D Shapes


Monday Video ~ 3D Shapes


Week 5

Parallel and perpendicular

Don't worry about the bit that says answering questions on BBC bitesize. Just listen to the rest of the video and then have a go at the task here on the website.

If you need a reminder about what horizontal and vertical lines are.


Tuesday ~ Angles


Video 1 ~ Roman Numerals


Video 2 ~ Roman Numerals


Week 4 ~ Any other Chilli tasks are on the daily flip which can be found here.

Thursday ~ Inverse ~ 28.1.2021


Times Table Pin Wheels

Wednesday ~ 27.1.2021

Inverse calculations

Week 3

Friday ~ 22.1.21


Tuesday ~ Maths ~ 19.1.21

Tuesday's maths lesson.
Column addition with carrying

Monday ~ 18.1.21


Week 2

Thursday - Maths - 14.1.21


Times tables

Week 1

Extra Bits