Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Manta Ray

Picture 1 Some great data Maths work by Patrick.
Picture 2 A great word study by Bea.
Picture 3 An amazing drawing of Stitch by Xerin!
Picture 4 A fabulous Roman solider by Megan.
Picture 5 Patrick getting creative.
Picture 6 Patrick's finished Roman shield.
Picture 7 A beautiful bar graph by Megan.
Picture 8 A Roman formation drawing by George.
Picture 9 Labeling the parts of a flower by Amelia.
Picture 10 A Roman solider by Eva.
Picture 1 Some research on volcanoes by Megan
Picture 2 A beautiful Roman mosaic by Megan
Picture 3 A beautiful sketch by Maronelle
Picture 4 A brilliant alien drawing by Amelia

The Really Slow Theater Company

Still image for this video
A short performance by Patrick and Thomas in french!!
Picture 1 Some amazing measuring from Maronelle.
Picture 2 A lovely book review from Alexa.
Picture 3 Zac learnt how to make a cup of tea!
Picture 4 A beautiful Roman shield by Amy.