Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School

Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

Welcome from Grace and Achira - Head Boy and Head Girl



We are very proud to introduce you to Tadley Community Primary School. As Head Boy and Head Girl we are delighted to represent Tadley in diverse ways which we hope will support the school community and children and staff within the school. Together, we strive to accomplish and achieve the best for our school. We both pursue excellence in all that we aspire and enjoy whether it’s musically or academically.


Tadley Primary is a school which is caring, nurturing and supportive towards all of the children. We believe our best aspects are the amazing opportunities children experience in clubs and trips, for example: the Samba Band performed at the Royal Albert Hall, our choir our performing at Wembley and have performed at the 02 Arena, as well as regularly, at The Anvil and other local venues.


Our school also provide amazing, enjoyable trips. For example: museums, science centres, farms and other unique trips relevant to our school topics. The children enjoy these trips for they provide the opportunity to see many things they cannot experience in their everyday life. We often enjoy writing recounts about our trips so our teachers can assess what we have learnt. Writing facts down also allows us to remember what we have learnt more easily.


Another great aspect of Tadley Primary is that it competes in a variety of competitions: Netball, Football, Tag Rugby, Athletic events, Choir competitions and Maths Challenges. In fact, in 2018, our school got as far as the semi-finals in a Maths contest!


Our community also allows parents and guardians to come into school and participate in art with their children. This can include: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas. In addition, we have some super opportunities to build relationships with other year groups.  Our Year 6 prefects, House and Vice Captains and the Head/Deputy boys and girls enjoy supporting Year R and Year 1/2. During break and lunch time, our Year 6 helpers go outside to the year 1/2 or FS playgrounds and play games with them, for instance: ‘Grandmas Footsteps’, ‘Tag’, ‘Who Stole the Cone?’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’  The children in year R, year 1/2 and year 6 love these activities especially because they get to meet children from other year groups.     


Tadley School stands out from all other schools because of our attitude to learning. We experience great teaching and learning opportunities.  We hope you will be able to join our school and its community.