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Tadley Community Primary School

Forest School

Whittling Wood and Bubble Making


Year 5/6 enjoyed an afternoon outside in the fresh air and sunshine learning how to whittle.  They found sticks around the school premises that had fallen to the ground and used a vegetable peeler to strip off the bark.  At the end of the session the children made some dens out of the wood they had whittled.


The children also made some huge bubbles!  They designed their own frames out of stick and string and competed to make the biggest bubble.   Working carefully in their teams, Year 5/6 discussed and considered the best designs to make large bubbles.  Some of the bubbles were huge! 

Den Building in Year 5/6 - Spring 2021


Year 5/6 made dens on the school grounds.  They worked together to design their den and considered the materials they would need.  In teams they then created shelters to protect them from the rain and were very pleased with their outcomes.  Well done Year 5/6!

So far this Autumn Term...
This Autumn Term we have enjoyed using our school grounds for our forest school sessions. We are lucky to be developing a brand new area to use on our site in the near future. 
So far we have taken part in bug hunts; finding millipedes, spiders, acrons, fungi, leaves, woodlouse and much more! We looked at the changes we see in autumn. We have made dens and shelters using the resources around us and working as as a team. We were very lucky to receive some very large tractor tyres that we have thoroughly enjoyed playing in! 

All the children have been working brilliantly as a team whilst enjoying their environment.

Bear caves 

This afternoon we enjoyed our session down at Pamber Forest. As we got into the forest we came across some horses ahead. We were very quiet and let them pass. We noticed their hooves in the mud afterwards. Because it was so muddy, it reminded the children of ‘Were going on a bear hunt’. We read out the story, acting out the parts we could! We used the mud and the water to help us pretend we were in the story. When we got to our area in the forest, the children thought a bear might live there. Some children thought of building some bear caves for bears to live. They worked really well in teams, helping move large sticks and building homes with each other’s ideas.
We finished the session by playing a huge game of hide and seek. Even all the adults joined in!

Bug hunting and bug hotels

When we got down to the forest we came across another letter! It was from Mr Woody Woodlouse. He asked us to help find him and his friends. He left us some clipboards, bug identification sheets, magnifying glasses and pens. The children got into pairs and shared the resources. I was surprised at how well they worked in pairs, helping each other find insects, and guiding each other around the forest. All children enjoyed discovering insects and their habitats. We learnt about where different insects lived and why. We managed to see centipedes, spiders, woodlice, ladybirds and beetles. 

Some of the children moved on to creating hotels for these bugs. They suggested this because we made homes for other forest animals in the previous week and wanted to do the same for our forest insects!

Helping our forest animals

We were very excited to try our new all-in-one waterproofs this afternoon for our Forest School session!

Once we arrived in the Forest, we came across a letter! It was from the Fairies. It asked us to help some forest animals who had lost their homes. We needed to find four more letters from these forest animals to see what we needed to do. In groups, the children were asked to help build Bert the Badger's, Fiona the Fox's, Harry the Hedgehog's and Sam the Squirrel's homes. 
The children’s empathy towards the animals was evident, making sure they found food for them to eat, a comfy bed and a light for when it gets dark. The children were really enthusiastic about seeing each other’s dens. They complimented each other’s homes and shared any improvements they thought could make it even better. On our way home we splashed in some huge puddles! Luckily our new suits kept us dry!


Magical potions

This afternoon Year R enjoyed coming across some 'magical potion'. The instructions told us how to create our very own potions and make a wish come true. We needed to collect some magical fairy objects from the forest, find a magical wand and say a spell. Once our potions were made we poured them in an area of our choice. Suddenly, we came across some 'magical fairy wool'. We thought the fairies must have left them for us after making our spells! We turned them into bracelets. As the fairies left us the wool we thought we would try to find their homes. We decided on a few places we thought it could be. Maybe they will come and say hello next time...

Monday 16th and Thursday 19th December


Year 1 / 2 went out for our last forest adventure for this term this week.   It was one of the wettest trips to the forest, but the children all had a lot of fun. 

21st November 2019 : Year 1 / 2 Forest School:

Today Year 1/2 had their Forest School session.  We started by playing 'Sticky feet', which was very funny as sometimes we fell over as we had to stretch our feet so far apart!

We then got a piece of string and we collected leaves, sticks and forest litter.  We attached this to our string to make crowns. 

Look at how fantastic our crowns are!! 



Wednesday 13th November

This afternoon, Starfish Class (Year R) wandered down to the woods in our wellies and waterproofs. The children were excellently behaved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were introduced to the rules of the forest and we explored it using our senses. We started off by playing 123, where are you to learn our boundaries. Next, we got into groups and used hoops to show which area of the forest interested us. We discussed these choices. We found some acorns with their root growing from the bottom. We decided to plant these to help the forest grow. We spoke about why trees are important to us and the need to protect them. Afterwards, in pairs, we collected various smooth, brown, straight and interesting objects around the forest and discussed what they smelt, felt and looked like. We finished by talking about what we enjoyed and ideas of what we could do next time.

Monday 21st and Thurday 24th October 

In this weeks sessions we re - read the book.  'There is no dragon in this story.... ' at the end of the story the Dragon had wondered into Pamber Forest looking for another story to enter. 


We worked in teams and used our creativity to make a dragon out of the leaf litter. 


We also got to try out our new 'all in one waterproofs... ' 

Monday 14th October


In our session today we created our very own forest potions! We had a little magic cup where we needed to collect 10 things that we thought were special around the forest. They needed to be small enough to fit into our cups. We suddenly came across some magical fairy syrup. Miss Wood carefully poured a little into each of the cups and we mixed it in with our specially chosen magic wands (sticks). We all came up with our own woodland spells to make the potions work. Finally, we poured our potions over the forest to help the fairies come out and play when we were gone. A few of us managed to see a couple of elves hiding in wood stumps!

Monday 7th October


Today in our Forest School session we retold the story of 'The Bear Hunt'.  As we walked we walked through the 'long wavy grass' and through the 'oozy mud'.   Then we found a bear in a cave!   The children worked in teams to make their own cave for the Bear.  We had some truly amazing caves,  some had a lounge and a garage, whilst others had a hammock for the Bear to sunbathe on! 

Thursday 3rd October


Year 1/2 have been out in the Forest for a Forest School sessions.  We have had great fun, playing hide and seek, thinking of different places to hide. 


We then got into pairs, one person had to wear a blindfold whilst the other had to direct them to a tree. This was a great way of showing off team work and a good trust exercise.   We also remembered our school rules and made sure that we kept our partner safe when they were blindfolded. 

Reception and KS1 have now been out to the Forest on our forest school adventure.

We spotted lots of wildlife on our walk there. Including butterflies, birds and a stag beetle!


When we got to forest Mrs Frear and Miss Wood told us where our boundaries were and we put flags round the trees to help us spot them.


We played123 where are you? This was so much fun and we found lots of good places to hide. 


We made dens in the rain and read Stanley's stick and then found our own stick to take on an adventure.

Our journey so far…. 


What is a Forest School?


The philosophy of a Forest School is to:

 ‘encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences’


By participating in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks and activities in a woodland environment.

(Each participant has an opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation, sound emotional and social skills.)

Forest Schools has demonstrated success with children of all ages who visit the same local woodlands on a regular basis and through play, who have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.
Forest School programmes run throughout the year, for about 36 weeks, going to the woods in all weathers (except for high winds). Children use full sized tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour; both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, self-esteem and become self-motivated.

What we have been up to…

Mrs Frear and Miss Wood have completed the Forest School Leader training.

We have learnt how..




We have learnt how to facilitate safe play in the woodland and enjoyed taking part in a variety of team building activities and challenges.


Now our priority is getting the children outside and completing Forest School activities.