Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School


Our Wow Work- Week Beginning 22.06.20

Evie's archery maths
Zoe wrote about the Rainbow Fish

Our Wow Work- Week Beginning 15.06.20

Zoe's super poem
Ezmae's fantastic letter
Toby created a food chain
Number bonds to 20
Evie's super number work

Our Wow Work- Week Beginning 08.06.20

Ezmae's amazing origami whales
Toby found lots of 3D shapes around his house
Zoe found lots of rhyming pairs

Our Wow Work- Week Beginning 01.06.20

Fantastic time work Toby!
Evie created and described a friend for Beegu
Ezmae found lots of items and doubled them
Great skip counting Nyah!
Toby used his toy cars to double
Arthur's excellent number doubling
Evie made a space fact file
George's fantastic Beegu story map
Rory's fabulous Beegu writing
Stanley's excellent Beegu story map
Toby made our class fish from aquabeads
Zoe's brilliant Beegu writing
Rory made an excellent planet for Beegu
Louisa has been learning to tell the time

Our Wow Work - Week Beginning 18.5.20

Evie found lots of ways to make 20
A super clock that Noah made
Toby's wonderful binoculars
Zoe's amazing writing
Dior has been working on fractions
Ezmae learnt o'clock and half past times
Oscar made a clock and learnt to tell the time
Rory made a plane and measured how far it flew

Our Wow Work - Week Beginning 11.5.20

Evie's excellent vocabulary cards
Noah built a wonderful masterpiece
Toby looked at man made and natural items
Arthur made compound words
Dior has been working on 3D shape
Ezmae made some magic binoculars
Nate drew a picture on Seesaw
Nyah scored full marks on a quiz
Oakley has been working on telling the time
Rory made compound words
Zoe wrote a seagull story
Oscar worked out some number sequences
Evie made Mario and Peach out of Lego
Noah made a postcard for Arthur
Rory made a postcard for his Great Grandad
Zoe made her own game

Our Wow Work - Week Beginning 4.5.20

Arthur sorted the words into real and alien words
Excellent estimating and measuring by Evie
Evie planted her bean plant
Ezmae sorted the days of the week
Nyah made yummy cakes
Toby created a game
Zoe wrote a lovely book review
Evie created the school logo out of Lego
Toby's lovely seaside picture
Zoe coloured in bunting for the VE day celebration
Noah working out with Joe Wicks
Oakley ordered the months of the year
Zoe found lots of ways to make 100
Ezmae made a masterpiece
Toby made a salt dough clownfish
Rebekah wrote some VE Day facts
Rory made a reading fort
Arthur made a musical instrument

Our Wow Work - Week Beginning 27.4.20

Evie' a factfile about dolphins
Ezmae created an underwater moving picture
Noah's picture of the British seaside
Noah created a Clownfish model - amazing.
Rory made a floating lifeboat
Toby's amazing work on fractions
Arthur made a card to send to his nanny
Evie made craft storage
Ezmae's animal sorting
Oscar has been working on his fractions
Scarlette made a super moving parts picture
Toby made an excellent musical instrument
Zoe made a floating life boat
Ezmae made a musical instrument
Noah made a boat that floats
Poppy worked on number bonds to 20 playing shops

Our Wow Work - Week Beginning 20.4.20

Evie's excellent Lego boat
Ezmae's fantastic dragon drawing
Rory's fabulous beach writing
Zoe's super sea turtle colouring
Izzy's brilliant dragon drawing and writing
Noah's super spellings
Nyah's excellent question writing
Oakley's amazing gymnastics
Rebekah's excellent dragon design
Toby's fabulous French work
Tommy's brilliant shape creation
Arthur's excellent shape work
Elsie-Mai's beautiful NHS rainbow dradon