Tadley Community Primary School

Tadley Community Primary School


Welcome to KS1!

Here you will find out what we do in Year 1 & 2 throughout the year, key dates and information.


There are three classes in Years 1 and 2


Shark class- Miss Davies

Seahorse class - Mrs Frear

Clownfish class - Mrs Ebenezer and Mrs Hillerton


We hope you enjoy looking at your children's work and all the fun activities they participate in!


Please find the homework in the home learning section or use this weblink:


If you have trouble with any of the homework please speak to your child's class teacher.


Autumn Term 


Key dates coming up:


Friday 4th October - PTA Disco

Tuesday 15th October- Year 1 and 2 Harvest festival, 9.15am, St Pauls Church

Wednesday 23rd October - Parents Evening, 3.30-6pm

Thursday 24th October - Parents Evening, 4-7pm

26th October - 3rd November - Half term

Monday 20th November - Non uniform day, PTA tombola 

Tuesday 19th November - Individual and family photos

Friday 22nd November - PTA Winter Fair

Monday 25th November - INSET day, school closed to pupils

Tuesday 10th December - Nativity, 1.30pm

Wednesday 11th December - Nativity, 1.30pm

Thursday 12th December - Flu vaccinations

Friday 20th December - Christmas jumper day and last day of term

Meet the Teacher


Thank you to all the parents who attended 'Meet the Teacher' on Wednesday. It was wonderful hearing how settled and happy your children have been so far this term. At this meeting we handed out some useful resources to help with your child's education. If you were unable to attend, these will be sent to you shortly. If you find they don't make it home, please pop a note in your child’s communication book asking for a set of handouts. 


Please find the slides below for the presentation given. It will give you an insight into the Year 1/2 curriculum and expectations. 


If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher. 

Tuesday 17th September 


In maths today the children were comparing amounts. They used the language and symbols for greater than, less than and equal to. They made the amounts, picked the correct symbol and read the number sentence out. 







Tuesday 17th September

The children were learning about nouns today. A noun is a word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any class of people, places, or things. The children had to label all the nouns in a dragon picture. Then the children put these into sentences. 



Example of work from the children:

The grey dragon is sitting. - By Poppy 

The boy has brown hair. - By Ethan 

Monday 16th September


In maths today the Year 1's were practising finding one more and one less than a number. They picked a number and counted out the correct amount. From this they could add 1 or take 1 away to find 1 more and 1 less. 


The Year 2's were practising finding 10 more and 10 less. They made an amount out of Dienes. They had to add 1 ten stick to find 10 more and take 1 ten stick away to find 10 less. They looked at the pattern on a 100 square. 




Example of a challenge piece of work for this unit. 


Thursday 12th September


In our Maths lessons today, we made numbers and recorded these in digits and in words. Year 1 children painted dots using cotton buds to create numbers between 1 and 20. The children really enjoyed this activity and it was not only a test of their ability to count accurately but also of their fine motor skills!


The Year 2 children used Dienes to create numbers between 1 and 99. They made each of their chosen numbers using tens and ones and then recorded these in digits, words and as pictorial representations. 

Week beginning 9th September. 

This week we have had lots of fun making dragons for our display.  We used cups for their heads and tissue paper for the fire coming out of their mouths.  

Wednesday 11th September

Today in English the children acted out the story of 'Little Dragon'. They had to freeze and talk about their feelings. The children created a story map where they had to draw pictures of the main events of the story in order.


Tuesday 10th September

The children had an exciting afternoon in our Topic/Art lesson. As part of our Fire topic the children are looking at Dragons. The children had the opportunity to create dragons using different media.



Monday 9th September

In maths today the children were practising counting forward and back from any given number. They worked with Numicon and Dienes to make these numbers and order them. We use Numicon and Dienes as concrete resources, this helps the children grasp the concepts of number and place value. 

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