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Identifying and using figurative language

While the Year 6s have been at PGL, the rest of the year group have been looking at figurative language in English, associated with our Space topic.  We identified similes, metaphors and personification in a piece of writing by Commander Chris Hadfield (ex-International Space Station Commander) and then came up with our own to describe these pictures...


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Here are some of our examples of figurative language:


The rocket reached for the moon.

The planet sits among the rocks.

The space station is running around earth.

Examples of personification by Zack, Jack, Oliver and Evie.


The rocks are floating bullets in space.

The ring is a boulder gathering in the sky.

The I.S.S is a hovering house.

Examples of metaphors by Oliver, Holly and Aaron. 


As slow as a sloth , Saturn turned in its axis.

The rocket zoomed up like Usain Bolt.

The rocket flew like a bird.

Examples of similes by Holly, Oliver and Izzy.

Science - Where is the Earth in space?

Year 5/6 classes learnt about the solar system and created mnemonics to help them remember the order of the planets.  Children then took the role of a planet and used their mnemonics to help order themselves in relation to the sun.  All pupils practised orbiting the sun, in the playground, whilst trying to spin!

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PSHE - Friendship

As part of our PSHE curriculum lessons, children looked at the theme of friendship and identified how to maintain positive and healthy relationships.  They took part in small group and whole class discussions and considered questions such as: 

- Do I know how to make friends?

- Can I explain why it is good to have friends?

- Is it okay to disagree with a friend?

Children considered different scenarios that they may face with friends.  They discussed and considered how to manage each friendship issue best and then used role play, freeze frames and thought tracking to share their ideas.



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