Yr 3 Roald Dahl Book Reviews

Year 3 Book reviews based on The BFG

Year 3 have been studying the fantastic children’s author Roald Dahl in their Literacy lessons this half term. One of the books they enjoyed reading in class was The BFG and they have written their own book reviews to tell you all about it! Read on to find out more…


By Amy Miles

This is one of the fantastic stories by Roald Dahl. He is a very talented author.

It all starts where Sophie (a girl in an orphanage) sees something gigantic during the night. The giant came and took her to his cave.

They get to meet each other, the giants name is the BFG. They sheared a snozzcumber and did some wizzpopping when Sophie is thirsty. Then the BLOOD BOTLER came in and trashed the place .He was also very mean to the BFG. Together the BFG and Sophie hatch a plan with the queen by catching the dream and saying some giants were eating the children of there town.

If you want to find out the end you have to read the book and find out if they will succeed!

On a sep

arate matter, my favourite part is where they do whizzpopping because it is a bit like passing wind. As I am a girl I enjoy it more than a boy like my little brother because I can pretend I am Sophie.

The age I recommend it to is 5 plus, although it is a very good, adventurous story.

My book review on the BFG by Roald Dahl

By Luke Farmer

It all starts when a girl called Sophie, who lives in an orphanage, was up at midnight in the witching hour. Then Sophie see’s a giant called the BFG (which stands for big friendly giant). After that, the BFG takes Sophie to his colossal cave. The BFG hands her a weird looking thing called a snozzcumber, Sophie tried the snozzcumber it was disgusting! Later on, a mammoth giant called the Blood bottler stormed into the cave. He threw the BFG around. Sophie and the BFG hatch a plan to stop the Blood bottler from eating children. Will they succeed?

My favourite part is when they were wizzpoping and singing because it was funny.

I highly recommend this book for 5+ because it is a fantastic book to read!!!

My book review of the BFG by Roald Dahl

By George Banning

You should read this thrilling book by Roald Dahl. The story starts when…..

A little girl called Sophie lay still in an orphanage and looks out of the window. Suddenly she was snatched out of the room by a giant. He runs back to his cave in the mountains. He puts Sophie down on the table and they got to know each other.

But another giant broke in called the Bloodbottler Sophie and the BFG hatch a plan to capture all of the evil giants. Will they succeed? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

All in all I think this is an amazing book. My favourite bit is when they go whizz popping in the air because it is very funny! I love this book I’m sure you will too.

I highly recommend to children over 7yrs because it is quite hard to read but it is still a brilliant story!

My book review of the BFG by Roald Dahl


This Author is wonderful, he writes the best books in the world.

The story begins when a little girl called Sophie was looking out her window.

Sophie is an unhinge .Suddenly a giant comes and kidnaps her from her bed

and takes her to his colossal home into a cave.

For the past fey days they got to know each and they shred a snozzcomber. But all is not good because we meet the Bloodbottler who likes to eat children .Sophie and the BFG hatch a plan to get rid of all the evil giant .

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The BFG my favourite part was when we meet Sophie because she is the main character and she is brillant. I recommend this book for all ages because there are no scary parts and it is a thrilling book.

My book review of the BFG by Roald Dahl

By Tom Baldwin

This is a stupendous book by Roald Dahl.

Sophie, a girl in an orphanage, sees something huge out of her window. Suddenly a giant comes in; stretching his arm he grabs her and takes her to his cave. They get to know e ach other

It’s hilarious!

I recommend this book for any ages because it has some weird words and crazy characters!

The BFG Book Review By Thomas Hawkins

The BFG is the best book in the world it’s absolutely funny and exiting and a little bit scary.

At the start of the story it becomes the witching hour and there’s a faint rumbling and a long wrinkled face pears through the window. Sophie is an orphan and quite an adventure’s girl her friend is the BFG she is quite a hero and the first ever person to go to giant country.

My most favourite part is when Sophie gulps down a special drink that will make her fly and she does. My other favourite part is when the BFG stands up and breaks the chandelier.

I would recommend this book for any ages because it is totally brilliant I think everyone should read this in a life time.

Book review by Caitlin Borland

The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG is a very enjoyable story, its good fun and any age will enjoy it.

The story begins when a little girl called Sophie is kidnapped by the BFG which

stands for the big friendly giant.

My favourite bit is where he stands up and breaks the chandelier and it shatters.

I won’t tell you much so read the book to find out!

I definitely recommend any age to read it if you can read!

Book review of The BFG by Rubi Doyle

I think the BFG is a thoroughly amazing book and has some fab characters. It is brilliant.

I couldn’t take my eyes of the book; it was so enjoyable. The BFG is a little scary because a little girl called Sophie who is an orphan gets stolen; and that when the happiness begins. There are also some very scary giants in it. So if you have time sit back and read the BFG because you never know what is going to happen, do you?

My favourite part is when they go to the palace and the BFG smashes the chandelier and when the waiter faints. Also when the BFG gives Sophie hilarious drink called wiz pop, it made Sophie and the BFG fly.

I definitely recommend this book for everyone at all ages. Out of 10 I would give it 10 because it is the most funniest book I have ever read!

Book Review By Phoebe Rolfe

You might have heard of this book. The BFG is a highly amazing and funny story with lots of funny things as well it has some really good charters.

I didn’t want the book to end because there were really funny bits, really scary bits and nerve racking bits like when I thought Sophie died. Sophie is a poor little girl who is an orphan something happens one night when it is witching hour to her life. There are really big and scary giants like the Blood Bottler. The queen is in this story and she is not scared.

My favorite bit in this hilarious story is this fantastic song drink and Sophie and the BFG drinks it then they fly all around the room the drink is called wiz pop bang.

I recommend this book for all ages they would find it a really good film or book. I would give it 10 stars because it is a very good book.

Book review of The BFG by Patryk Duda

The BFG is about a girl called Sophie and one night the BFG comes and takes here and that’s the bit where the adventure begins.

My favourite part is when they drink whiz pop and they fly, that bit is just hilarious .It is a little bit scary because at night BFG comes and takes Sophie, which is the bit when the adventure starts.

I recommend this book is 3 or over because it is hilarious. The BFG is a really fun book. I think it is enjoyable because it is funny anyway I love funny books.


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